Fantasy World

Fantasy World

This is a Fantasy Story about a young demon/fox boy that learns that the world isn’t as safe as he thought...and he commits some bad treasons in the process, hope you like this ^^ got HEAVY inspiration from one of my best friend Lil_Phoenix.

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Chapter 1.

About Me and My Life

Hi, My name is Maketa (Ma-ke-ta) and I live in a world where “Abnormals” exist, Abnormals are people with human shaped bodies but features of other species so for example let’s take me, I have a human shaped body BUT I have a Fox Tail,Demon Wings, and Demon Horns. Well thats what normal people call them, the species I know of are Fox,Wolf,Demon,Angel,and Dragon. I am a half breed, it’s pretty rare. I am a half fox, half demon mix. As I explained I have Demon Horns and Wings and a Fox Tail. Also my eyes glow different colors due to my emotions.

Red = Anger,Rage,Insanity
Blue = Sadness, Regret
Yellow/Orange = Happy, Excited
Green = Neutral
Gray = Emptiness, No Emotions

Oh and certain species have an array of powers to use, they are different from person to person but mine are, Fire Control,Super Hearing, Super Speed but only when I’m running on all fours, and flight cause wings. So yeah that’s enough about me, now to introduce my friends.

Suru-He’s a pure Demon,he’s pretty annoying at times but he’s still a good friend where it counts

Oka-He’s a pure angel,he’s the caretaker I guess you could say? He prevents fights between me and Suru so he helps a lot!

We were all getting along pretty well...until the incident that got me the label of “Devil”
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