Trapped in a dream

Trapped in a dream

What I would think night guarding at Freddy fazbears diner would be like.( I don't know what this categorie would be in.) please tell me how I'm doing in the comments

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Chapter 1.

The newspaper

Authors note: this story is about a 20 year old and what happens when she's working at the Freddy fazbears diner. The "work" is set at the first Fnaf games location. It is also set in June 1987. This will be important later in the story. I hope you will comment and tell me how I'm doing and what improvements I can make. BTW I know the technology does not match up with the date. I am aware of this. But, if you ignore this, (hopefully) it will be a good story.
I woke up as the sun glared through my window. The words still ringing through my ears, haunting me. "I am one of them" I shivered as I wondered about that one chilling phrase. "KC! Get down here!" my mother yelled. I rubbed away my grogginess and leapt out of bed. Dashing down the stairs, almost tripping, my mother gave me the daily newspaper. "You've been looking for a job forever, Kc. I think I found the job for you."
I glanced at the comic section and the sports section."Hey mom, the *enter random team here* won last night.". She looked at me enthusiastically and pumped her fists, saying,"Yay! Go *enter same team here*! Now look in the ad section!". Something caught my eye as I looked at the ads. " You do know what this is right?" I said cautiously. She looked closer and realized what I was pointing at. "Listen, I know that you miss him, but you need to get over it!" Her eyes were puffy and I knew that she missed him too. "...fine" she immediately enveloped me in a hug and whispered almost silently in my ear "It's okay" I sniffled and rushed into my room, before I broke into tears. "Why him?" I asked, knowing that no one will help me understand.
After I knew that she had calmed down I went downstairs to eat my breakfast. My pancakes were cold and stale. My mom stared at me as I grabbed to pancakes and set them down in the microwave and set it to 15 seconds. " So..." she said warily. "Yes mom, I'm taking the job." I said quickly.
                                                  ~NEXT DAY~
I snatched my phone and dialed the number. After 3 rings, it answer and a rough voice answered "Welcome to Freddy Fazbears diner where...*static* what do you want?""Uh...I saw the news article about a job here?" "Oh...that. Your hired. Listen, be careful of the animatronics. Someone will tell you why in your briefing. See ya on Monday.*click*" I watched questioningly at the phone wondering what he was saying
" I called." I said awkwardly."Really!? What did they say?" She said energetically from the other room. " I'm hired." I said, exasperated.
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