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This is just the first chapter of a story that I planned out. The places are weird because it's set in a universe I made up but other than that it's pretty much like earth. So enjoy! And constructive criticism is appreciated! Explicit though.

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The Disappearance

April 17th 4019
“Her name is Kalen, Kalen Harris.” Mrs. Smith said, the policeman wrote it down on a piece of paper,
“What do you know of her?” the other officer asked, Mrs. Smith shrugged and pulled the shock blanket tighter around herself.
“Nothing really, she’s a good student. She doesn’t talk much.”
“What of her parents?” The policeman with the notepad asked, Mrs. Smith shrugged,
“They never show up for parent teacher conferences, I don’t know them at all. They’re documented in the school though.” The officer wrote this down and thanked her before they both turned around and walked back,
“Holy shit, what is going on?” Officer Clark said and put the notepad in his pocket, his accomplice, Officer Silvers sighed and shrugged.
“I don’t know.” He says and they both get into the car.
“What have we got so far on the parents?” Clark puts the keys in the ignition and the car rumbles to life.
“Absolute jack, they don’t exist! The only John and Mary Harris’ that are married are in Lazop. Plenty of individual John and Mary Harris’ but they ain’t married.” Silvers says, annoyingly. The radio hummed in the background as the two officers thought to themselves.
“Enough about the parents, it’s mostly the disappearance I can’t believe.” Clark says suddenly,
“They’re bluffin’, how many times do I have to tell you this?” Silvers turns to face Clark, “The woman is just trying to make a fuss, the only other witnesses are kids. She’s on the verge of going into the Slums, of course she’ll jump at the chance to get police help.” Clark is silent before saying,
“Maybe she took Kalen,” Silvers sighs and Clark corrects himself, “Sorry, the victim. Maybe she took the victim and is trying to get us to put some money on to finding K- the victim before turning in the victim herself.” Silvers shrugs,
“We’re not putting money on her finding though. And we talked to the neighbours, they didn’t see the victim go to school. Nor did they see anyone go there for the past week except for the victim.” They arrive at the station. Despite all the stress that comes with the job, Clark really liked the police station, it was old. They had painted everything over but Clark remembers when he came to see it for the first time. Before they had everything re-plastered. They hadn’t bothered renovating the garden behind the station or the old shed in said garden. Clark was glad of it though. Some of his eureka moments were when he was sitting on the bucket in the shed, staring up at the crack in the ceiling almost completely covered by plants that seemed to not grow anymore.He hears the car door open and sees Silvers get out. He follows.
“Hey mister!” Someone yells and the officers turn around.
“Yes, what is it?” Clark asks, the man who called shakes his head.
“Nothing, jus’ heard a rumour that a girl disappeared. I mean literally disappeared. In the middle of her class! Is it true?” Clark looks at Silvers who is frowning at him before saying,
“Listen, I don’t know who you’ve been talking to but that is complete nonsense. Now get out of here.” He puts a hand on his belt right next to his gun and the civilian gets the memo. As he’s going away, Silvers sighs,
“If only you could believe as quickly as that.” Clark raises his eyebrows,
“I don’t believe it.” He scoffs out but Silvers shakes his head,
“Bullshit, deep down you think it’s true. You’ve gotta get that out of your head and start actually thinking. There is no common sense or proof in the idea that Kalen Harris disappeared from her desk with the whole class staring at her!” Clark stays silent, he had gotten used to Silvers ramblings about his ‘incompetence’ as they were quite frequent. The newbie had many faults that Silvers didn’t mind pointing out. Sometimes Clark forgot that they were friends. His thoughts were interrupted by Silvers speaking again.
“It’s late, I’m gonna stay and work on a few things. Why don’t you go home and sleep?” Silvers left him standing next to the car. The street lamp flickered as Clark sighed and ran a hand through his hair. His brain was tired and he was still getting over the crazed look in the woman’s eyes as she told them the crazy tale. And made-up tale he thought quickly. He groaned at how naive he was and looked down the street to where his house was. His wife had probably be making dinner now. His stomach growled and he chuckled before walking towards his house. Towards the real world.
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