The .EXE Game I Found...

The .EXE Game I Found...

To be honest I just got bored so I wanted to make my third scary story, I like them because they are nice and easy to write and now that I'm older i'll make sure not to make more typos :)

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The Game

The Game

I was sitting on my couch when I saw a commercial of a new Legend Of Zelda. I was a big fan of the game so i wanted to go to the store and get it. When I got there the I asked the worker.
"Do you have any of the new Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild?" He responded by shaking his head.
"Sorry we are sold out, it was pretty popular but we do have a extra nobody will take." I was a pretty big fan of Zelda, so a Zelda fan like me would never pass up a chance like this. When I got it I was walking back home. I was exited to play it so wanted to see it. There was packaging paper on it so I can't see the cover. I opened it to see it. It was the normal cover I saw in the commercial. I needed to see the chip to see if it was the right one. When I did it was a blank chip. There were two options. One, I could give it back. Two, I could take it to see and check the game to see if it was the real deal. I decided two, being a fan boy of the series. when I got home I slid the chip into the cartridge. The starting screen was just a picture of a unsettling picture of Zelda staring bleakly into the screen. I thought it was just a glitch or a new weird starting screen. When I got in it was just the original game with not much changes. Until I got to the Duku tree. He asked me to burn him. So, my character did without me controlling him.  Then the text started spamming "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT" I was obviously getting creeped out judging that a tree that's burning and voices whispering. Then, there was a scream so loud it can almost make you deaf. Now I was scared, so I did what a human would do. I took out the game but, it was not turning off. Now there were masks flying around the place bleeding out of their eyes to go along with the screaming. I had to though the game out of my hands to breaking my 3DS. I was sweating and panting. In the middle of the night while I was sleeping. I heard something in the kitchen destroying everything. So I got under the bed to hide from it. eventually I saw feet walking near my bed and a scratchy voice saying.
"He's no were to be found" I was sweating and panting so hard until I coughed. That seemed to get his attention so he put his hand down to search under the bed. it took me all of my ability to stretch around its long, lanky arm. When it was done searching it opened a portal, hell for all I know. but when he jumped down I got a good glimpse of its face. It was link. END
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Hope you enjoy this spooky story!
on December 09, 2017