Finks little pet | Jeremiah fink x cherry AU

Finks little pet | Jeremiah fink x cherry AU

I've been obsessed with bioshock infinite lately and I'm really attracted to Jeramiah Fink for some reason. This is gonna be my alternative universe for bioshock infinite where Zachary hale Comstock and booker are two different people. Comstock had a daughter with lady comstock named cherry and someone wanted her for themselves because their wife couldnt have a kid but unfortunately the portal began to close and comstock was able to keep his daughter but cherry had lost her whole left hand during the process and in this au daisy actually did kill lady comstock and comstock is always honest, not making him seem like the hero. But he still betrays the lutece twins, making booker fetch her to wipe away his debt.

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Chapter 1.

Locked away

also for the sake of this fan fiction jeramiah is the same age as cherry)
Cherrys P.O.V
After daisy fitzroy killed my mother, my father had taken me to a tower to keep me safe. I was only 5 years old and i witnessed my mother's death.

I spent weeks in my tower crying and reading books when some sort of machine that looked like a bird came crashing in and he looked like he was about to die.

Seeing that his oxygen tank was disconnected, I quickly helped him and hoped he was ok but he didn't move so I tried to kpen his hand but nothing happened.

Suddenly his hand opened and i crawled into it and i became best friends with songbird. He was the only friend I had since i was in the tower.

One day while i was reading a book about geography, my father came in with a little boy and another man. The man looked at me and had the brightest smile on his face and he introduced me to his son, Jeramiah fink.

After being introduced, we began to play with each other while our fathers  were doing business together. Jeramiah noticed I was reading a book on geography and was quite curious "what's this cherry?" he asked.

"oh umm just a geography book... It gets lonely here in the tower and songbird isn't always around so I've been reading and drawing" I explained and he seemed more intrigued.

Every day Jeramiah would come over to the tower to play with me but when we were at the age of 15 he suddenly stopped coming and i couldn't help but worry about him. Over the years i began to fall in love with Jeramiah and I was hoping to confess to him, but he just stopped visiting me which made me think that something happened or he doesn't like me anymore.

Many years later, I am now 21 and I've read every book in the tower. I had nothing to do and that's when I heard the statue of my father sing songbirds song and I quickly raced out of my room to the dining room.

When songbird arrived, he dropped a man in front of me, making me confused but when the man got up I noticed that it was none other than Jeramiah Fink himself.
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