Spinner's Short Stories

Spinner's Short Stories

So this is just a little thing I'm going to be doing. So yeah, it's OC based, I may do some fanfictions I don't know yet. No lemons, it's clean. However expect graphic use of words here and there. I'm just rolling like this right now.

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Fallen Soldier (Personal OC usage)

Maria Smith, the young yet strong fighter she was, was not invincible. But she knew this. She knew that as she fell to her knees, the pain in her chest would fade. She knew the moment she hit the floor, it would all be over. The bullets zipped past, the whistles of which echoed in her head. Even face down her felt the comfort of the ground to be better than the pain in her chest. She pushed off the cold, yet soft ground. With her metallic, yet tender hand. She looked up at the man, the man with the blue lights, the one who got her down. She watched as he fell, the pain in his eyes. The speech from his mouth falling on silent. As he fell she realized just how cold this was was, how she wished she'd just said "I love you".
She heard her farther shout echo in her mind, her broken ears. Her body twisted as he turned her to face him. Josh Smith looked at her young face, the fear and pain in her eyes alone. Maria looked upon his face, the sorrow and anger in his eyes. "Maria listen to me" But that was all she heard, the phrases after falling past her. Her vision turning blurry, her eyes fading. Josh kept trying, yelling words of safety and promise to her. But she couldn't hear them, only sound of the whistling bullets coming to her. The echo of explosions rung her eyes like a bell and pounced them like a drum. She slipped, deaths hand finally reaching her. Pulling her towards the dark of the fate that was death. Cold, dark, damp and bitter death. Her dying breath fell to three simple words..."I...Love...You" her words not falling silent. Josh's eyes only overcame the sorrow with fear and hatred. As his daughter slipped from him, slipped from the light. As it were yesterday he would never forget the day marked as today, March 13th 3058. The day his daughter slipped into the darkness of death, through the bitterness of war.

In one final outburst of rage and hate, Josh picked himself up. For next hour nothing but anger was released from the man. Leaving a trail of dead to were his own blood laid. The outburst was no riot. But a Bloodbath. No one could stop the fury that was the super soldier. The vengeance of his daughter the only thing of his mind. But in the end all words that left him were "Goodbye Maria".
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