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Stop Suicide
Do you ever think before you speak? That one rude comment you gave. Do you think of how that person felt? Of course you don’t. You just say it even if it’s not true.But why are we so mean so stupid that we put someone down or kill them.
        You are most likely thinking Clara shut the hell up. No one cares. I get that. But you can at least listen. Now how does it kill people you may ask? How can one rude comment do that? So for example you call this girl fat. That becomes all you think about. Until she starves herself to death. But you don’t know that until she strangely does not show up for two weeks. In class your teacher tells you due to suicide that girl is dead. You were the reason she was dead. That’s almost as bad as putting a gun to her head and firing.
        (We will watch the story of Amanda Todd but altered.) How did that make you feel? Bad right. Amanda Todd made this video in 2012. A month before she took her own life. She hang herself on October 10, 2012. 7th grade she was sexualy assalted. To 10th her new school posting photos. She died at the age 15. Only a year older than some of us. People like you and me killed her. One day you might kill your own Amanda Todd. Rest in peace Amanda Todd.
        We need to stop this. I have been driven mad by some comments I have been given. For example; “You’re to stupid to be getting A’s, I bet you must get c’s and D’s.” or “You're to stupid and retarded to do that challenge problem, you will just copied off of me.” I believed these this stuff. I started to fail 7th grade. My last example was in 5th grade. It made me terrified to even go to school. So someone told a girl that I was calling her a female dog behind her back. The truth is I never did. She approached me After school. Her and some other girls started calling me stuff like “Dog” ,” Go die.”,”retarded.” Then it got worse. The girls older brother who was in 8th grade at the time threatened me by saying he will get me expelled. It was only my first year there. It is only spring. After that I did not come to school for a week, because of those comments.
People made a identity for me, That I was nothing just a girl in the corner of your lives that no one cares about.You have made me so depressed that I could not take it anymore. It got so bad that I cried every night. Because of that I hardly slept. You have made me feel that bad about myself crying that I was nothing, retarded, ugly. That was all I could think about. I have cried too many times over this. You are making other people's lives harder than they are.  We need to stop.
        I have friends I know who have become like this because you are so evil on your judgements. We are all humans. Why us as a species so bad that we kill people even if we just ment a joke. Some things are just not funny. This is what Is causing death. Suicide keeps on going up 5,000 people attempt suicide a day. 2,000 of them succeed.  More than 53,0000 people each year. Thats a lot of people lost. And more than 132,5000 people feel so sad that they need to die. Im going to tell another story. One of my friends scared me so bad that they were suicidal that I called the suicide prevention center. No one picked up. I did not know what to do. I called center after center. Finally someone picked up I said “Help my friend is being suicidal.” they answered. “Oh, I’m so sorry.But this is the teen drug abuse line.” I hung up. My whole world collapsed. All I could think about if they were ok. I would worry all the time. I still worry now. But there is so much to live for. Screw you. You mean evil humans. No one deserves this path. No more lost lives. I can’t take it that we cause so much pain. Just stop. You are making this the real hell. Just SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPP. (yelling.) We need to be better than this. I know how we can stop.
Kindness will stop the pain. I am now fearless, smart, kind, happy and best of all I love my self. Help  stop this. Be kind. It’s your time to save a life. Be the hero. This might sound cheesy but it’s true. Kindness stops death. It brings joy. Help kill the villain with kindness. Stop the pain. Stop it. It’s no longer a joke this is now a battlefield. Let the war begin. Down with Depression. Stop the deaths save our species. Start a new future. If you think this is stupid well it’s your mind but you will be killing if you don’t take action.
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