A book about me

So this is basically the story of my life and how I faced my troubles and am now doing better than ever.

published on August 17, 20158 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


First things first, sympathy is what people feel when they feel bad for someone else. I used to have no sympathy because I was to busy feeling bad for myself. And yes *Sips on coffee* that does seem a little selfish. Okay maybe a lot selfish. Because even though I felt bad for myself, I realized there were others going through the same and worse problems then me. But because everyone on qfeast can be a little curious *hugs everyone* just kidding. But seriously I would like to present to you the chapter book of my life. Hold on cause it's going to be a bumpy ride. *Get's on a rollarcoaster and falls off* Ow! Anyways lets get started.
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