MM 13 One small kick.

MM 13 One small kick.

Ughhh. This is the most boring part of a story. The disruption. Please help me. PLEASE!

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Chapter 1.


Merge cube: we payed all the bills. Now i am broke, so no prizes.
Tv: umm. Everyone only voted likes.
Pi: lets have the other team vote.
Merge cube: sure.
Toasty: i vote amulet because she is a minecraft thing.
Pama: i will also vote for her.
Bopit: wait. Didnt she go through the portal in episode 10?
Amulet: oh ya. Im back.
Bop it: i vote RRC.
Ebi: why?
Bop it: because he is in your alliance.
Ebi: ...
RC: i vote Rafty because we are opposites!
Rafty: oh. Well that makes sence.
XWing: i also vite Rafty.
Derp: Iz v0t3 4 raftay bekauze thee doht lick catz!
Rafty: im allergic.
Juice box: i vote Rubiks cube because he is square!
Rubiks cube: now that makes no sense.
Blackcurrant juice: i vote rafty because, well, umm, i, uhh, am his greatest enemy!
Rafty: uhhhh
Pizza and Pinapple: me too!
Rafty: uhhhhh
Brick:me and Blue firey are the only ones who didnt get a vote!
Key ring: not any more! *votes brick*
Brick: whatever. Rafty is eliminated anyway.
Rafty: *gulp*
Merge cube: time to go to yoyal city!
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