basically me journaling, ranting, and being a relatable teen for 73829388392 chapters

published on November 07, 20184 reads 2 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


TODAY WAS THE ED SHEERAN CONCERT AND IM STILL RECOVERING. so basically i slept in and watched new girl on netflix for idek how long THEN, my best friend came over and we hung out and watched skin wars ( body painting competition on netflix high key recommend) and thennnn we got ready together my friend * skip if you don’t want outfit details * wore a cute white floral romper w/ a ripped denim jacket and i wore a pink denim skirt from free people and a black top from forever 21 i think * outfit over * and then we went to dinner @ Jakes ( burgers ). later we went to the CONCERT AND IT WAS MAGICAL HE SOUNDS SO GOOD LIVE AND I LOVE HIM AND IM NOT OK STILL. then, we got home @ about midnight, watched buzzfeed unsolved and fell asleep :p
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