Prank gone wrong

Prank gone wrong

This is another creepypasta OC story I made. I make A lot of these. Anyways enjoy

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Chapter 1.

The beginning

Ella was born in a bad family,her father left when she was born and her mother put the blame on her.
When Ella was old enough to go to a school her mother put her into a boarding school.
When Ella got into the boarding school things weren't that bad,she was good at everything,and she had all A’s.One week Ella went to the principal and asked “Excuse me Mrs.Peterson could my friend Grace and I maybe go off the campus for a few hours on saturday so we can celebrate my 12th birthday?”
The principal thought for a moment then answered “Since you are the best student in the school I suppose you can,but only for a few hours and then you have to come back.”Ella agreed and the next day Ella and Grace went off campus and spent an hour doing fun activities and then they sat by a nearby lake for an hour
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