My Wierd Dreams

My Wierd Dreams

These are basically stories of my wierd adventures in my dreams. They can br quite wierd. And no, I am not on drugs unless you count a sleep aid as drugs.

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Chapter 1.


So, there was this wierd soda like stuff that morphed whoever drinks it into a beast with wings. I was only 6 in my dream, and I was traveling with my sister and the Doctor (10th doctor (David Tennant (Doctor Who))). We went to this one place like a midevil Saturday market and they were selling that drink. My sister baught some so we could drink it later not knowing what it does.
The Doctor had decided to go forward in time, but something malfunctioned in the TARDIS and we were sent to the anime world.
It was amazing there, or so the Doctor said, so we went swimming. I was swimming so long, that when one of those beast things came over me, I almost did not see it. My eyes were filled with chlorine. Suddenly, Death the Kid (Soul Eater) grabed me out of the water and shot the thing with stupendous symmetry! Everyone started running and I was somehow 13. Once we saw a swarm of those creatures, I noticed their bee-like behavior. "Jump in the pool!!" I screamed.
All the people around jumped into the water and Soul (Soul Eater) helped me over a wooden fence. The fence seemed to be growing taller and further away from my destination, so I jumped. Taking the risk I had, I was clearly not going to make it. Then I remembered I am in the anime world! I could 'swim' or 'run' through the air and make a dive for it. So I did.
I almost overcalculated the landing point and was able to turn from the wall just in time with only a scrape on my toes. When my head came up, I saw that America (hetalia) was about to drink wht morphed people into the beasts. Death the Kid slapped it out of his hands complaining about how asymmetrical he was. Some of the drink got onto a nearby beast and it exploded blue guts everywhere!
Everyone grabbed a bottle and splashed the beasts until they were all gone. And for some reason, Eren (Attack on Titan) kissed me.
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