The Amulet Of Power

The Amulet Of Power

This story is based on a game that my friends and I made up that we used to play. Okay, now for the actual summary thing: Rosella is the oldest of 3 girls and they are all princesses. One day, her mother went missing and she never knew why. Roselle must care for her younger sister but that is a little bit easy because they have magic! As the time passes, Rosella realizes that she must find her mother sooner or later...or else she becomes queen of Enchantia! (No, the kingdom name Enchantia is NOT from Sofia the First, we didn't even know about her/the show when we made up the game, the names, etc.)

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Chapter 1.


It was a dark and stormy night in London, England. A delicate figure ran quickly, looking behind her every few seconds. She was clutching a piece of parchment and had a look of fear on her face. Suddenly, a man appeared out of the mist and the woman screamed. The man held up his hands as a sign of peace.

"Oh, Adam, it's only you," the woman stammer, "I thought-"

"I know very well who you thought I was." Adam cut in.

"I'm worried about the children," the woman said, "do you really think that they will hurt them?"

"Melissa, there is nothing the vampires wouldn't do right now." Adam began, "After all, they are blood-thirsty monsters!"


"Cobby is different from others. He chose the right path and-"

Adam's sentence was broken off by a growl.

"We found them," the voice snarled, "let's get what we came here for a go."

Melissa screamed as figures closed in around her.

They clawed at her neck, trying to get something.

"We're wasting time," the voice growled, "our mistress will be able to get it off. Just grab her, and let's go."

Adam lunged forward in an attempt to grab Melissa back.

"Yowl, you take care of the man." the voice bellowed, 'Let's GO!"

Two creatures grabbed Melissa's arms and she struggles furiously. They whipped their capes and disappeared along with Melissa. Soon, all the creatures were gone except for one. He chased Adam down an alleyway and into a house. Neither made it out alive.
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I'll try...but I have my other story too!
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So...let me know what you think 😊 Should I continue writing or is it really bad?
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