Jason and Lundy

This story is about a 19 year old called Jason living with a roommate called Lundy and she is 21

published on May 11, 201410 reads 8 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.


Jason was out for a walk he had nothing to do nowhere to go and nobody to talk to until a lady called Lundy walked up to him and said what's sup.jason said what's sup to you to then they both noticed one thing.they go to the same college and both jumped and decided to become 2 roommates.one stayed in the 2nd floor one stayed at the bottom until Jason looked up at the 2nd floor room and saw 2 beds and both screamed "BEST DAY EVER" and both had a fun time for nearly 20 hours and stopped at 13:00.they had so much fun that Jason said lets sleep at 1:50 and Lundy said good idea.the neighbourhood  was disturbed and the trees around there house nearly fell down and broke.a 31 year old came to there house and said hey can I stay and Lundy said why not Jason said awesome and all had fun together.they were now all sleeping until the 31 year old David woke up and said to Jason when can we leave.
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