Zio's Story part 1 (Lion King)

Zio's Story part 1 (Lion King)

It's did a few years since the horrible death of Mufasa and Simba. The pridelands are turning into a wasteland! But for one teenage lioness called Kula, her world is going to turn up side down. Her father has betrayed her and has a new mate... and a new cub. What will become of this?

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Chapter 1.
The Big News

The Big News

Fan Characters:
Haini = Kula's father
Siku = Kula's mother
Fuvu =Haini's new mate


A cold wind gushed through the now dying pridelands… Meanwhile a pair of lioness waited nervously outside the cave. Then Rafiki slowly appeared from the gloom of
the cave. The two lioness jumped to their feet and quickly ran over to him.

Siku: Well… Has my old mate betrayed us or not?
Rafiki: … I’m sorry but Yes. Fuvu will be having a cub due in a few weeks. And of course the father is Haini...
Siku: What?! Th-
Rafiki: Siku stop! I know you feel like he has betrayed you but he has not    done anything against the law!
Siku: *Growl* … Thank you for your help but please excuse me as I need sometime to think about this.

So thanking Rafiki, Siku and her daughter Kula went to join the other lioness on the east side of priderock’s base. The two of them settled down next to the pile of sleeping lioness. While hyenas fraught over the last meat scraps from the last rare meal… Life was getting no better. In each day seemed harder and harder! There was little hope left ever since the death of King Mufasa and Simba. Kula clawed the ground in hunger, she had not eaten in days and the hunger was growing on her. So standing up Kula searched the near bone pile. Most of bone were hollowed out by now as meat was so rare. Digging deeper into it, pushing aside every worthless bone! She finally found a small leg bone that was only a few days old!

Laying down again, Kula began to chewing out the small bits of marrow out of it. It tasted like dirt! However it was better than nothing… After about  half the marrow was gone, Siku opened her eyes and looked at the bone…

Siku: I see you're enjoying your bone there, dear.
Kula: The thing tastes like dirt!
Siku: Well you better get use to it. Ever since these new lioness moved in, food has become even scarce. So even fresh bones are now luxurys.
Kula: Mum… I've meaning to ask you. Why has Dad turned his back on us and gone with this “Fuvu”?
Siku: I don’t know but don’t let it get to you! I’m sure he’ll explain it to you when the time comes. And remember just because he doesn’t love me the way he use too doesn’t mean he doesn't love YOU.
Kula: Yeah but Fuvu is one of those rouges!
Siku: That’s enough! Just go to sleep before you make me angry!
Kula: Yes mother…
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This is so breath taking! Please make more! My eyes were glued to the screen! I wanna see what happens next though...
You got it!
on August 30, 2015
on August 29, 2015