Endless Fields

Endless Fields

It all started after the government started experimenting on crops. A huge explosion that made plants over-aggressive, causing them to take over almost the entire planet. The people fled to the skies in Floating cities and the ones that stayed below became what is now known to this day as Harvesters. The ones who fled to the skies relied on the Harvesters and their leaders, known as Lord and Lady. They lived in semi-harmony for thirty years before everything went to hell…

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Chapter 1.


Roux Meadowlark: Lead Harvester (Corn Harvester); Female; 17
Sparrow Corbin: Second-in-Command Harvester (Corn Harvester); Male; 19
Fawke McCoy: Underling (Rye Harvester); Male; 14
Axe Balker: Underling (Wheat Harvester); Male; 19
Tinsley Vos: Collector; Female; 16
Karen Amulet: Collector; Female; 16
Blair Bonavich: Underling (Wrangler); Female; 13
Wheatley Theros: Underling (Wheat Harvester); Male; 18
Ashby Tripp: Prince; Male; 18
Puck Ebony: Servant; Male; 17
Dimitri Montgomery: Commander of Sightseer (Floating City); Male; 21
Annabella Ebony: Royal Messenger; Female; 19

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