The best of friends

The best of friends

I like to write and would love to be an author some day so ya. This story has romance, suspense, drama and explosions lol so have fun. I have not finished the whole story yet but I am excited about this one so I will let ya'll have a "sneek peek" at it.

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Have a slice of cake

  The wind blew softly, making the leaves rustle as if trying to deafen the sound of footsteps from the approaching enemy. Nicole stood, her back against a tree, listening for even the smallest sound of approach. Her hand tightened around the grip of her dads old pistol, her other hand tightened in a fist to calm her fear. She gasped at the sudden sound of snapping twigs. *They're here* she thought. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and slowly raised the gun in front of her, ready to shoot. Her heart beat faster with every long silent second.


   Mark turned to face his friend. Her raised weapon and the fear etched in her face told him she had heard the noise too. Her soft violet eyes were open wide and she was breathing heavily. He wanted to hold her close, run his fingers through her soft black curls, tell her he'd protect her and that everything was going to be alright But he knew that he could not risk being seen by their mysterious attackers so to do so was impossible at the moment. He waited until she looked his way then smiled at her, hoping to offer at least a little comfort. She nervously smiled back at him. *Snap!* There it was again! Their attackers were getting closer. Mark tensed at the sudden sound of gunfire.


                                So how does it sound so far? I would love some feedback!

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