This is a bit of a funny story about Juvia and Gray. If you watched Fairy Tail, I think you know where this is going. Come on, come and take a look.

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Chapter 1.

Juvia and Gray meet.

Juvia was a girl with blue curly hair. She was new to Fairy Tail. She walked in. She turned her eyes, and saw a guy.
He had; Black hair; twinkling eyes; and a lot more stuff.
That's aleast what Juvia thought. She was never in love. She stared. "Uh, who are you?l she asked, nervously.
The man nodded, with a slight grin. "Gray. Gray, Fullbuster." Said the man.
Juvia turned. OH BOY, NOW HE GAVE JUVIA HIS NAME!!!! She thought. She turned back around.
"I'm Juvia. Mind if Juvia calls you Gray-Sama? Ooh, thank you! And Juvia will be taking your shirt! Thanks very much!" She took his shirt, and did not mind what he had to say.
She sniffed it. "Uh... Did a stalker just come into my life?" asked Gray, hoping it was just a prank.
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Comments (2)

On Tomadachi life, Juvia made a song about Grey.
One of the lines was:
"I watch you from the bathroom window"
Wow. How creepy?
on April 30, 2016
on April 30, 2016