The Story Of Sugilite

The Story Of Sugilite

This is a story about Sugilite and how she came to be a fusion it includes battles with corrupted gems and homeworld gems and it doesn't include Steven it involves Rose Quartz because first merge means it's a fusion with the young crystal gems like Cotton Candy Garnet and Amethyst with her first generation outfit so these first merge fusions are fusions of gems with their first merge outfits so please enjoy Sugilite isn't so bezerk in this story i'm hoping they will make an episode with young fusions and an episode with Rose and a different outfit.

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Chapter 1.
The Crystal Gems and Their Missions

The Crystal Gems and Their Missions

Once The Crystal gems found Amethyst she got to know them better and she became a crystal gem and Rose Quartz added Amethyst's gem to the temple door so whenever she makes her gem glow the gem on the door will glow and the door will open for her room so good thing there's spare rooms

Now there are new dangers so the crystal gems were in their rooms and the sun was shining so now the crystal gems got disturbed by a magical disturbance and so they warped to Flower Meadow and they saw a bunch of sea shrimps and

So the crystal gems summoned their weapons and Amethyst grabbed them with her whip and Rose bubbled them and said "nice job Amethyst"

the crystal gems went back to the temple so while the crystal gems went back to the temple Pearl was doing water dancing and Amethyst was playing in the water puddles she had.
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