My Story (Skii)

My Story (Skii)

Most of This isnt true... But, theres some things that was inspired from a real life experience. Please do not bully me. If my story needs to be improved, Though, Tell me. I can also add your oc to the story if you'd like. Please tell me about it, and I'll be able to add it! Thanks.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter one. Lets have a little fun

Skii woke up on the floor next to her bed. Her ears perked and she got up. She wend down the stairs to eat, but she found that her mom wasn't there, So she looked in her mom's room, only to find a note on the bed. She looks at it and picks it up to read it. "Dear Skii, I went shopping. Love, mom" It said. "Ergh, not again... I have to make myself some toast..." Said Skii. Skii wasn't a bad cook, she just prefered eating. Skii went over to the Toaster and got some bread and butter. Later, she was eating toast and watching TV. Then she heard a knock at the door and put her toast on a plate. She walked to the door and answered.  It was Blake, Her best friend. He looked ready to go to the beach. "Why are you dressed like that?" Skii asked him, and he smiled. "I decided I wanted to go to the beach, so why not?" Said Blake. Skii looked at him, confused. "Why are you here then?" She asked, and he looked at her, a little confused. "Don't you want to come with?" He asked her, and She shrugged. "Sure, lets go. Just Let me leave a note for my mom."

Soon, they were Eating. Skii, grabbing a sandwich, Smiled. Blake grabbed  a sandwich too. Wingulls Landed next to them. "What do you two have for us?" One said. Skii and Blake looked at them. Skii, being the Curious Skitty she was, said, "Why would you want our food?" without thinking. Then she covered her mouth in shock and despair. The two Wingulls glared at her. Blake looked from Skii to the Wingulls hoping they wouldnt have to fight. But, you dont always get what you want. One of the Wingulls said, "You! Pink cat! We want FOOD!" and the other one said, "RIGHT NOOOOOW!" with anger filling their voices. Skii panicked, and Blake noticed swift stars starting to form near Skii. "Ohhhh no," He thought, "Theres going to be a fight.. I cant watch.." He covered his eyes.
Skii threw the stars at the Wingulls and they dodged them, flying straight up. "Hey! Whats with you, cat???" The first wingull said. The second wingul just glared at her.

•To be Continued•
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