I'm not going to explain it. Read this story and you will unravel some secrets.

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Chapter 1.


   Lebethia is a kingdom within the country of Biteria, in between Zodia and Edon. Xerxes is the king of Lebethia. Leo is the king of Zodia, and Ivory is the queen of Edon. Xerxes is cruel and evil, and enjoys watching the suffering of others. Leo is fair and righteous, while Ivory has no side, and remains neutral.

   Xerxes has shaggy, dark brown hair and slightly lighter brown fur. Lion ears protrude from his soft hair and a lion tail from his hind-quarters. One of his eyes is closed and scarred over, while the other is a bright crimson. He has no mate. His form of entertainment is forcing others to fight to the death.
   Leo has long, light brown hair and tan fur. He, as well, is a lion. Both of his eyes are completely open and are a beautiful, sky blue. He always has a sweet and comforting smile on his face. His mate is a male ram, named Aries. Aries has deep tan, spiky hair and beige fur. His ram horns are a slightly darker color than his fur. Aries has deep, piercing brown eyes. Leo’s form of entertainment is dancing or sparring with Aries.
   Ivory has long, soft ivory colored hair and scales. She is in fact a dragon. Her eyes are soft and sweet, ebony orbs. She is comforting, but doesn’t smile very often. Her mate, Ebony, had died years before. Her form of entertainment is painting or drawing.

   Xerxes has five major knights, Beroxn, Belren, Darius, Gin, Inu, and Eternal. Beroxn is  a dark blue, almost black, fish. The scales on top of her head cover her left eye. Her eyes are light blue, that contrast with her scales. There is a large gash on her right cheek, and if she wished, she could stick her tongue out of that gash. Belren is a dark gray ram, with nearly black, spiky hair, and deep gray fur. Belren has shining blue eyes. Despite his looks, Belren is quite a sweetheart. Darius is a light brown bull. Out of his short hair, pokes out bull horns and ears. On his left ear are three silver stud earrings. Darius is quite bulky and built. He has green, perverted eyes. Gin and Inu are twins, with black fur and hair. Their eyes are a golden yellow. They usually lurk in the darkness. Eternal is one of the strongest, but yet the most stubborn. She has brown hair and fur. Her bangs are dyed a purple color. Eternal’s eyes are blue.
  Each of these knights have a different region they major in. For example, Belren majors in dark magic. He can summon demons to do his bidding. Beroxn majors in bare-fisted combat and Darius in sword-fighting. Gin and Inu are Xerxes’s assassins. Eternal has no specific brand of fighting that anyone knows of.
   Leo once had twelve major knights, but most of them died in combat. Those knights included Leo, Aries, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Pisces. The knights that died were Capricorn, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

   Ivory has a league of dragons that fight for her kingdom. In this league of dragons, includes her own son and daughter, Ruby and Stone. Ruby has red fur and hair, and her eyes are ebony, like her mother. Stone has dull gray hair and fur, and ivory eyes, like his father.
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