Back to Reality [Book 3]

Back to Reality [Book 3]

Read the first 2 books before starting this one. It goes in order. Also, read at your own risk :D Thanks

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1; Phone calls

Chapter 1; Phone calls

[Going back to the first chapter of the first book]

He sat in his chair and stared aimlessly at the wall, a clock nearby. Nothing was happening, but you could tell he was thinking. His short drafty, brown hair swung in front of his eyes, but he didn't stop staring at the wall. Once in awhile, he'd shut his light blue eyes and take a rest from staring, then he'd do it all again.. But what was he thinking about? What went through Jake's mind?

This was the only question his mother desperately wanted to know, as she'd always come check on him and see him staring at the wall. Jake would always do this.. Sometimes it lasted hours. Jake's mother only thought to herself; "If I put him into therapy for this, he'll probably rage on me... That's what 14 year old boys do.."

Nobody really knew Jake... And Jake didn't want to know anybody, but with school coming, he knew this would all change.

The clock nearby Jake struck 1:00 am. Jake fiercely turned his head towards the clock in a jerky action. He got up from the chair and looked down at his toes and mumbled, "I knew it was too good to be true."

His mother, who was currently watching him from the doorway, walked into Jake's room, "What was too good to be true?"

"He died." Jake exclaimed.

His mother went white, "Who died?" she asked in shock.

"You know who, mom. The man with the black shirt that's always in the living room. He wears a blue tie.. You know, Umbrel.."

"Honey, you're tired aren't you? You need some sleep?" Jake's mother swiftly walked over to Jake.. She didn't know who Umbrel was, but she did know it had to do something with his staring. She gently grabbed Jake's arm.

"MOM! You don't believe me do you?" Jake pulled his arm away from his mother.. "You think there's something wrong with me! There's nothing wrong with me! I don't need sleep!" Jake looked up at his mom, revealing bags under his pink, sore eyes.

"You have school in the morning.. Go get ready for bed..." Jake's mom was done with his bullshit. Enough was enough, and she couldn't do this anymore.

Jake's mom walked out of his room and made her way downstairs to kitchen. She grabbed the phone and dialed a nearby therapist. After a few rings, Mrs.Hank picked up. Jake's mom explained everything and booked a therapist meeting for Thursday. While Jake's mom was on the phone, Jake was upstairs in his room..

Jake's mom, Clarice, made her way to Jake's bedroom door. She pushed it open to check if Jake was still awake, but instead, Jake was face down on the floor. Clarice ran over to Jake and started poking and shaking him to wake up. Nothing worked.

Clarice screamed and ran back down the stairs. She ran over to the phone and dialed 9-1-1.

"MY SON... HE'S FACEDO-" Clarice starts talking but is cut off by a male police officer.

"Mam' please calm down."

"I'm sorry," Clarice continues, "My son's face down on the floor. I don't know what happened.. Please help.."

Clarice gives her house number and directions to the officer, and then she hangs up. Clarice ran back upstairs and shook Jake some more, but nothing happened.

*10 Minutes Later*

The police arrived at the house and rushed in without knocking, "Where is he?" They asked.

Clarice stood, crying, as she pointed to the stairs. The policemen and the doctors ran upstairs and got Jake on a gurney. They passed Clarice on the way out of the house..

"Is he going to be okay?" Clarice asked.

"We'll phone you." One of them said as he rushed out to the ambulance.

Clarice watched from the porch, and watched them drive away...
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