Always You

Story about love between two people that overcome hardships to be together.

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Chapter 1

Always You

Chapter 1. Part 1
Room got quieter. It seemed everyone left me alone in peace. I know I don’t have much time left, but I am not scared or sad. On the contrary I am happy I will see you soon. We will be reunited once again. As much as I will be missing my children and grandchildren, nothing can compare to the longing I have since you left me.
They say you must make amends and cleanse your soul. I suppose they mean some religious ceremony and guidance, but since I never committed to any religion, it would be quite an empty gesture. I am eighty five years old and it is quite too late to change my ways. I don’t have to make any amends and I've lived a good life. My only regret is wasting time on my own fears and insecurities, but I suppose we all been through those.
It is so dark and stuffy in this room. I am starting to feel like they've already buried me. I really need some light and air. I reach out and find a button above my bed and press it twice. I hear fast steps and sound of the heavy mahogany door open. To my surprise, it is not Hanna, my nurse but someone much taller and skinnier. As figure steps out of the shadows approaching my bed, I see dark wavy hair and big green eyes. As she gets closer to me, my smile gets bigger. It is Miriam, Fatima’s youngest daughter and my youngest grandchild. I assume, she left college for few days to come see me, as Fatima sent family SOS.
My youngest grandchild is about twenty years old, biology student and my pride and joy. Her eyes are teary and worried, but she has big smile on her face. She rushes to my bed and leans over to give me a kiss on the cheek. She smells like vanilla and apples and I smile enjoying the scent of her youth.
"So, grandma are you playing hooky again? Getting lazy?"-she tries to make a joke but it is forced and awkward.
"Hello, my darling. Yes I am being lazy."-I try to laugh back.-"So sit with me. Tell me about your studies and your research"
"Oh grandma, everything is great and I’m going to Thailand for a month to research  the new virus they've found"
She talks excitedly about new research and new friends and her plans. Her eyes lit up and she reminds me of Said, when we met so many years ago. Same gestures, same green eyes and same warm smile. How I miss you, darling!!
I interrupt Miriam, asking her to open shades and window. She quickly gets up, drawing shades and opening window. I finally can see that it’s a sunset and feel some cool air on my face. I smile from pleasure of still being alive.
Sun is setting down and it reminds me of another day, another place so long back.
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