Reality Shifting Experiences

Reality Shifting Experiences

I think the title is pretty self explanatory, yeah totally... -Love, Zero/Grimm <3

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Chapter 1.
Harry Potter Shifting Experience

Harry Potter Shifting Experience

        I normally use the "Pillow method" for shifting, I put my script under my pillow and went to lie down in my bed.
And after 30 minutes my body felt heavy, and I began to hear a faint voice. I'm not exactly sure what I heard but it sounded like someone was calling my deadname (Mady), at this point I tried to open my eyes to see if I had shifted. When I opened my eyes I was still in my room, I am somewhat convinced that I was 50/50 shifted and still in my CR and that was why I felt heavy and heard my deadname being called. If anyone has any tips or etc, please leave them in the comments because I still don't know what to do to successfully shift.
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Do it again and then you might know for sure
21 days ago