The divided pack

The divided pack

Will the pack live together, or apart? Everything divides Alikai the young wolf pup and his pack from The Tribe

published on October 02, 20177 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


It was the first day Alikai the young pup opened his eyes from a dim light. Puddles lapped straight into the den as he opened his eyes up more. He say his sister, Ormilia playing with their older brother, Pawlika. Alikai was the youngest of them all, the runt, and their leader Firminda  
was staring up into the sun that beamed into the his crystal eyes. Alikai looked like brown wolf but with white legs and his back and part of his tail and his eyes all were as black as coal. He had a streak of read coming down on his neck following a streak of snowy white. He and his siblings  played hide and seek followed by an "You count first Ormilia!","fine, you two hide and ill count to 30!" And off went Alikai heading straight for the forbidden woods, but when he turned around, his can wasn't even in sight!
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