diary of a badass vampire

diary of a badass vampire

diary of a badass vampire Mankind is doomed. Evil is rising and now the human race is in danger of being extinct. They call it the awakening. The whole city of Melbourne was under the shadows, covered blood and grime. The vampires have risen and taken over the world. Now there is no hope for mankind as they are being slaughtered by the cruel and unforgiving grueseome creatures that are rising from hell. It all started when a few random vampire attackes occured throughout the city. Then the numbers started increasing and humans kept on getting turned into vampires. now we have no hope. God has given up on us and the world is left to die and become a living hell.

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Chapter 2.

the turninig

I woke up in the darkness unsure of what had happend. I was surrounded by old cars and roads and stuff from the past. suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my jaws, and soon two white gleaming fangs reatracted from my mouth. I grimaced in suprise and pain, as i was overcome with what had happen in the past hour.
I remeber scavenging for food, ( because the stupid vampires had taken over the world and now the humans had no food- yada yada yada) and then because of my terrible luck i cam across a snarling vampire, and soon i was bitten to death. but because my luck wasn't so terrible, I became a vampire. because in my other life i was an angel, ( YES  an angle, if there are vampires than there are SURLEY angles) i had super awsome black wings. mabey bieng a vampire wasn't so bad  ( except sucking blood,sleeping in day) vampries were pretty cool! so i took out my badass wings and flew around the city daydreaming about how awsome looked. AND i'm totaly lying! instead i had a mini heartattack and started freaking out since i was an inmature 17 year old girl. ( you really cant blame me! was traumatized! like seriously!) and then  i literaly cried my self to death, ( well not really, casue i was already technically dead) but you know waht i mean. after my small pity party i finally decided to get up cause i felt hungryand looked for food. i finally found a poor unsuspecting human and drank thier blood. you know how in most books new vmapires are always like im not gonna drink blood, cause im still a humam and im civilased , well i was different. i titerally covered myself in blood while i was derinking, and then i ended up barfing all of it all over the floor casue i drank too fast, but it was still good, even tho the idea of drtinking blood still grosses me out!
then i finally spread out my wings  and found a p;ace to sleep.
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