Little Things. (One Direction)

Little Things. (One Direction)

Claire Anderson lives in Toronto, Canada. Claire has tough life at home. Can the One Direction boys help her?

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Chapter 1.

Bullied and Hated.

On December 23rd, two days before Christmas, Claire's mom got engaged to Ross Findlay. Ross really hated Claire ever since he was one of her teachers. Ross always picked on Clarie. Until where she is now, feeling like she could die. But the only thing helping her is One Direction, they're helping her by singing her feelings.

Claire's Point of View:

I was headed to Ross's class and halfway there I wanted to beat myself up. Everybody makes fun of me now because of Ross. We'll to them it's Mr. Findlay. I hate Ross. He lives with my family. Not his, MINE.

"Oh look, it's Claire." A few cheerleaders walked by and snickered.
"Oh look, it's fake blond and her other fake blonds." I shot back with a glare.
"Ooh, looks like someone can't take a insult." Cassidy smirked.
"I can, but not you." I took her ice cream and smushed it against her cheerleaders outfit. "Oh, we'll it's looks better on...then off." I walked away, I walk into Mr. Findlay's class.

Oh no, here we go.
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