Frozen in time

Frozen in time

Roxanne is the last princess of a lost race in the world that is inhabited by fairies and vampires. Her family was killed. In this world, it is considered dead, but it is not. It has survived somehow. Now, the princess is awake and will seek revenge. It will make vampires and fairies to creep into her feet. And no blood spilled.

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Frozen in time.

Frozen in time.

I could feel the coldness only the tops of my pale fingers on my face, on my feet. My whole body was like a frozen iceberg.
I do not assume that I have a body.
At times I wondered whether I was alive. Is my soul, do not soar through space?
What am I? What am I? Who am I?
These questions do not leave my mind for thousands of years.
My eyes were able to walk in with a look wonders of nature. Nature pool drifted ever day. I watched the seasons changed, but I could feel the heat of the summer sun, the chill of snow wetness of the ocean.
This world was divided into two. The first half belonged to the fairies. The other half of vampires.
Three continents were laid fairies three continents of vampires.
Both races were too unfamiliar to me. So I researched extensively afar.
They had collapsed differences. But somehow found time for coexistence.
Vampires were quite interesting creatures. They could survive only if they drank the blood of their fellows. When their race twins were born, they were linked forever. For if one twin dies, the other will follow him in death. There were quite interesting, fun things for them. They had special vampire complexion. Born completely faded. But they could catch and tan.
Fairies were like an indecipherable enigma. They were born with natural beauty. Most were born with red hair. If anyone own hair by moonlight, he or she became noblemen from the moment of its birth. Some of them became kings, queens, emperors or empresses.
My world was limited. Sometimes I saw only blackness.
Until one day, a group of people dressed in white coats do not reveal the truth.
My eyes were moist and steam rose around my body.
I saw first body. I was lying on a bed covered with clean linen duvets.
I recognized many of them. Some were vampires, fairies other.
Fairies took the floor and bowed down to me, vampires followed their example.
I did not understand anything. But the truth is revealed. And he was re my eyes.
"We welcome you, Your Imperial Majesty that safely returned back to us."
"What are you talking about?"
"Thousands of years ago, the world existed empire, which was ruled by the imperial family, which was from a completely different race. The day when your parents were killed, then our ancestors you took and took into space. Then you are bleeding and you are dying. Our ancestors had no choice but to freeze in your ice crystal coffin. Just so with you can keep your body intact. "
"What I have I then? In the land you have peace. Do you want another civil war? My sister paid a high price. She protect me. Do not leave me. She died at the hands of the queen of the fairies, while the king of vampires killed my father and my mother. And your ancestors kept me. My body is the same, but my soul is not. Why not letting me die then? "
"We want to return to the throne. Now is the time. They are the most - vulnerable now."
"Pathetic hypocrites. When will you stop making heroes? My race was killed because your monarchs decided to depleted against us."
"We have to pay the price. We want to correct this mistake."
"Fine. Do you have a plan?"
"Yes. Soon fairies and vampires have decided to unite the world in one. Officially will do so through political marriage."
Suddenly it came to the idea something.
"Find me a long robe. If you want to follow me will obey my commandments. We go to this wedding. You will be dressed as monks and will accompany me. Remember, from now on will call me Priestess. I'll be priestess of the sun, which will marry young fiancés. Then we will make the first move. I will have my revenge. I will kill young fiancés, before they exchanged marriage hulks. "
"At your orders we are."
"We'll leave tomorrow. Then we'll meet them. Descendants of both monarch who executed my family."
I slept soundly. Because somewhere inside I knew that I felt fear.
Why it had to happen?
My empire is gone.
My father and my mother are dead. My sister, too.
Bucket leading a carefree life in the palace, I dreamed of becoming the wife of one of his distant cousins. He said Nero.
He had hair the color of the ocean, his eyes manganese.
My father wanted us engaged.
But soon came the news that there is a civil war.
On the night in which civil war broke out, Nero asked me to meet you in the garden of the palace.
My father wanted to protect the palace, so I was told that everything is fine. What would you expect from a naive child?
Nero appeared and told me to come closer. I was really excited. I hugged him. Initially, he hugged me. But after a while I heard a noise. Then I saw the queen of the fairies approaching, holding my sister in arms. She saw me and then cut her throat with a driven her sword.
My sister was dead. The Queen turned to Nero.
"What you do, Nero?"
"Now I'll take care, my love."

Nero stroked my hair gently and started choking me.
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