BR: Slender's story (#8)

Black rose has had memory loss, she's been hanged, and fought Offenderman about 3 times. But what comes next might be her ultimate destruction... Can she make it out alive? I can't remember where I left off on my last book, and when I write this, I don't have Internet. I write it on the way to my school. Anyway, have fun reading, and I know some of you might be mad about Hoodie. He'll come back soon... Or so we think... Also, Chapter 10 is my own ship... Don't skip to it... You'll spoil the surprise!

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Chapter 1.

The Morning

Rose woke up in the Forest. She fell asleep next to EJ, and she couldn't find where she was. Looking around, he found a Slender picture. She picked it up, and then turned around. Slender was there, and he stopped moving. She realized what was happening. Slender didn't recignize her, and she was a prisoner. EJ told her that if you win, he brought you to Slender mansion. She ran, looking backwards. She turned her back to him, and looked at her belt. She still had her knives, but she didn't want to hurt Slendy. "Only for killing and defense against proxies." Slendy growled. He didn't like the sound of her voice.
She ran around for a while. Slender kept following, but when Rose collected the seventh page, she didn't see the eighth anywhere. Running around for a half-hour didn't seem to help. She climbed a tree, and saw Slendy. He was standing behind it, Slender grabbed the page. Rose noticed what was wrong. She had to kill Slendy for the last page. She ran off the bridge of the tree, and looked down. EJ was there, and their eyes locked. He saw her, too. EJ ran for her. Rose gasped. He ran into the trees. Rose landed on her side. Slendy came toward her.
"Slendy!" EJ called. Slendy didn't notice him. Slendy grabbed Rose's neck, and she swung her knife. Hitting his arm, he staggered back. Rose fell to the ground again. Her side was starting to bruise, and Slendy wouldn't stop. "EJ! Over here!" EJ ran over. Toby was with him. "Rose?" Toby ran forward, and Slendy pushed him aside. "Proxy! Stop!" Toby didn't move. EJ backed up. Slendy recoiled. "EJ?" EJ nodded. "Yes." Slendy, out of nowhere, attacked Rose again. She dodged it, and Slendy backed up.
"Slendy! Wake up!" Slendy growled again. "Rose... Help..." Then he straightened. "No! Die Black Rose!" He lunged. Rose slashed her knife. He grabbed his throat. "Toby!" Toby looked up. "Get a human!" Toby tried to move. "I can't!" She slapped him. "Now!" He paled, and still couldn't. "EJ?" She turned. EJ was cornered. "No!" She grabbed onto Slendy's back, and stabbed him. "Now, Toby! While he's distracted!" Toby could move. He ran out, to get a human. Slendy growled.
Rose turned red. "Get off!" She screeched. He grabbed her, and tossed her into a tree. "Don't talk to me!" Slendy hit her. She winced. Slendy grabbed her, and smiled. "No..."
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