The Baller

This is about a girl that was a Junior while I was a freshman. She was amazing at Basketball and Softball. I really love Basketball and she was really good so I looked up to her. This story is just mainly about what happened between me and her.

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Chapter 1

Just to let anybody that is ready this know, this is just the small main points of the story being listed. I will add all the description and in between stuff eventually.
1. Jane and Skye have a weird past.
2. A week before Christmas Skye is nice to Jane and tries to motivate her to feel better.
3. Christmas night they get into a deep conversation over text.
4. Jane says she's a lesbian.
5. Skye says she's a lesbian.
6. Jane asks Skye out.
7. Skye says yes.
8. Thursday practice comes.
9. They catch each other looking at one another and smile.
10. Skye goes to Jane's house after practice.
11. Jane helps Skye with basketball
12. They push each other to not give up.
13. After an hour the stop for the day.
14. Skye takes a shower at Jane's house.
15. Skye gets out of the shower and wants to watch T.V.
16. Jane doesn't let her.
17. Jane helps Skye with her homework.
18. Skye eats a nice dinner with Jane's family.
19. Jane tells her family that she's a lesbian and that she's dating Skye.
20. Her family is okay with it.
21. Jane and Skye watch T.V.
22. Skye has her arm around Jane while watching T.V.
23. Skye stays overnight at Jane's.
24. They go to bed early cause they have a game the next day.
25. They wake up in the morning.
26. Jane takes Skye to her house to get some stuff for the game and lucks from her family.
27. On the way to Skye's house and back to Jane's house, they were holding hands.
28. Skye goes back to Jane's house.
29. Skye and Jane hang out and talk in Jane's room.
30. Jane and Skye eat a good healthy lunch.
31. Jane goes to drop off Skye because Skye has to be at the school an hour earlier than Jane.
32. Jane wants to stay.
33. Skye says that Jane doesn't have to stay if she doesn't want to.
34. Jane insists on  staying.
35. Jane helps motivate the team.
36. The team wonders why Jane is there.
37. During the game Jane sits one row behind Skye, so Skye can hear her.
38. Skye and Jane talk about the game but kind of secretive.
39. Skye gets in the last minute.
40. Skye can hear Jane cheering for her by the doors.
41. Skye makes three 3-pointers to win the game.
42. When the JV gets in a line to exit the gym, Skye is at the end.
43. When JV goes through the two lines of V they give them high fives.
44. Jane hugs Skye before V goes off.
45. Sky gets really happy.
46. The team has their little chat after the game.
47. Coach Bassett brings his baby.
48. Everybody tells Skye she played a really good game.
49. Skye changes into sweatpants and her shooting shirt.
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