Proxy Heart

This is about a girl known as 'The Shadow' she is a killer. Being more dangerous than the famous killer Jeff the Killer. The police have been hunting her down, they've had no luck catching her. But now I certain man in a suit wants her, the reason? Well to become a proxy of course. Or his next meal. OCXEyeless Jack

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Introduction!! The Shadow strikes.

???? POV
As I walked through the dark alley, I could see my target. A man wearing a blue shirt. As I came closer, and closer, and closer. Then I ran forward with fast speed, easily pinning him to the wall. Then I bit him, in the neck. I drained him of his precious blood, no I am not a vampire. But instead something much stronger, a demon. "Hold it right there!!" I turned around to see four police officers pointing there guns at me. "Who? Me?" I asked innocently. "Yes you! Stop it right there, Shadow!" "Do you really think I'm just going to stop and put my hands up? Are you that stupid." I said then I lunged forward taking one of the officers guns and shot two of them with ease. Then I ran, I didn't really want to kill them all. The reason is because I just ate, that would be wasting food. Y-yeah, that's why. I would be wasting food. I outran them easily, already far enough away to slow down. 
W-what the...? I looked down at my hands to see them covered in blood. No... No! It happened again. I thought as I feel to my knees. Why...? I saw that I was close to the woods. I slowly started to walk in.
Once I continued to walk in the woods I thought as if someone, or something, was following me. I just ignored it the first couple of times but then, I sensed a energy presence. Someone had been following me. "Come out, I know someone's there. So just come out." I said in a flat tone I showed no fear, but I wasn't scared. So there was no point in showing fear when I had none to show. "Mm, you're better than I thought." I turned around to see a tall, slender, man. He had no face it seemed. "So.. Who are you..?" I asked I knew who he was I was just playing. "I know you know who I am, The Shadow. Or should I call you by you're real name?" "No but what do you want, Slenderman?" "I just wish to ask you this, would you like to make a deal?" "No, no not really. I'm not an idiot." "I know, but my deal is if you want to become a proxy." "No! I don't so just leave me alone!" I didn't like to kill, I had to. If I wanted to live. I act tough so the police wouldn't underestimate me. But still, I only killed when I need to. So I am not becoming one of those proxies. I started to run, but once I looked behind me. I saw a flash and everything went black.
Slenderman POV
Mm, so stubborn aren't you? Once I saw the girl start to run, I quickly caught up, and knocked her out. Cold. As I carried her back to my mansion, I saw Jeff. "So, you got her?" "Yes, isn't obvious." "Yes, yes it is. But I'm guessing by the fact she's out cold, is one, you took her while she was asleep and she's a heavy sleeper. Or two she put up a fight and you knocked her out. But I'm guessing number two." "Yes, I did have to knock her out. At least I got her. Unlike certain others," I said looking over to where Ben and Toby where, watching TV and eating. "You two!" I yelled at them. "Yes..?" they both asked. "Is her room ready?" "Y-yeah." "Good." I said as I walked in the direction of where her room was.
Shadow POV 
I slowly opened my eyes to see myself in a dark room, the only problem was. It was not my room. Oh god! This isn't my room! I finally realized. As I jumped up and looked around, I saw I was in a room with barred windows. There were to many trees out, so I couldn't tell what time it was. The room had plain black walls, along with a white-ish grey wood flooring. There was a normal white dresser along with a desk and chair. Then I heard the door open. I automatically looked over to see Slenderman walk in. "So, you're awake?" "....Yes..." "Mm, you don't seem to happy. But here." I looked as he handed me a set of clothes. "Put theses on, I'll be back in a few minutes to take you somewhere. Ok?" "Fine.." after he walked out I looked at the set of clothes. There was a black long sleeve t-shirt and black pants. Once I got my clothes on, Slendy came back and started to lead me somewhere.
"So...? Where exactly are you taking me?" "You'll know soon enough." after about ten more minutes of walking down halls and rooms, we where now in one big room. Then I saw people... Well not people. If people are murders and cannibals. Well I guess some are.. Oh never mind. "Everyone," I saw everyone look at Slenderman. " Introduce your self." "Ok... I'm 'The Shadow' as far as humans know. But my real name is... Prox, Blackmoon Prox." I said calmly as I looked around the room. "Well, Prox." I heard Slendy say. "This is Jeff, Lucy, Ben, Toby, Sally, Hoodie, Masky, Harlem, Ketsueki, and Jack. Not everyone is here thought." Slendy said. As he pointed to people as he said there name. "Hi.." 
Later on
Currently I was talking to all of the people Slendy had just introduced me too. It's been about an hour since he had left me to talk to everyone. Everyone had introduced themselves, well almost everyone. Jack.. Who is also known as 'Eyeless Jack' because he has no eyes. But he has just been.... Starring. As if he was watching me.. But why? "Hey Jack!" I looked across from myself to see Jeff nudging Jack. "....what?" "Why are you being so quiet? Also, you've been starring at Prox since she sat down." "I haven't Jeff, so just shut you mouth." "Oooh, is Jack embarrassed?" Toby said next to me. "No! Just shut up!" after that, I saw Jack stand up. "Where are ya going Jack?" Jeff said. "To hunt." I heard Jack said as he walked out of the room. "Sorry." I looked over to Jeff. "For what?" "For pointing that out, are you uncomfortable now?" "No, but do you know why he was starring at me?" "Maybe he's curious. After all, you're like him." I looked to see Harlem stand up and look at me. "What do you mean..?" "Well, don't you only kill for food?" "Yeah.." "Well, Jack's the same way. He can only eat humans, particularly there organs. The kidney is his favorite." "Oh.. Well I usually just drink blood... But sometimes I eat there....." I said the last part in mumbles. "You eat there what?" Jeff asked. "Heart." was all I said.
Jack POV
Great, just great. There's a new proxy. As I walked in the woods I thought about what region she would be put in. I hope it's not mine, I don't need any help nor want any. Then I heard the buzzing static, the only thing who made that noise when nearby was, the one the only, "Slenderman." I said turning around. "Jack, what are you doing?" "I'm hunting, then going back to my region." "Mm, aren't you forgetting somebody?" "If you think for one second that I want her to be in my region. Think again." "Jack, the only region I can put her in is yours." "That's not true, and you know it. She can go to Jeff's or even your region. Because I'm sure shed fit in with Toby, Masky, and Hoodie. She could even go in Harlems and Ketsueki's region!" "Jack, you have no say in the matter, she's going in your region whether you like it, or not. Now come back to the mansion to get her, now." "Err, fine."
Once I got back to the manor, Slender was already telling, Prox, that she would be going with me. She seemed startled, I didn't really care though. It was funny to see her like that. Then she walked over to me, great. "Um... When are we going to be leaving?" "Now." I said plainly. "O-ok.."
As myself and Prox walked through the woods, she was completely silent. "Where is your region... And why are the places where you all live called regions?" "Well, the answer to your first question is that I live a long ways away from here, but there a portal short cut. The answer to your second question is that the are ddifferent 'regions' where we live in have different things there.. And certain qualitys that support the Proxy living there. Now I have a qustion, do you live close to here? Like in Hosoi town?" "Yeah, actually. It's weird how 'Hosoi' means Slender." "Yeah, I guess. But here we are," I said as we came to a clearing in the woods. Now we were facing a structure. It was a rectangle shaped rock, it was old. So the moss slowly claiming it. I pulled out a lighter, then I took out a piece of paper, lit it on fire and threw it into the portal. Then it automatically lit the portal, now there was a purplish-black goo looking sheet in the center. "Wow..." "Heh," I looked over to see Prox looking amazed. "Come on, I don't have allll day." I said, then I jumped through the portal. Soon after Prox came through.
Prox POV
Once I walked through the portal after Jack, I looked around. Then I realized, we were in a cave. "Why are we in a cave?" I asked. "Well, I live in the mountains, so the portal is in a small cave close by my house. "Oh.." as we continued to walk. I started to wonder, what's going to happen once we get there? I knew Jack wasn't happy about the fact that Slendy had stuck me with him. I could tell by the aura around him, it let off an annoyed feel. "Here we are." I looked up to see an old, run-down house. It looked as if it would fall apart at any moment. Then we walked in as Jack showed me around he said this, "It might not be the best place, but at least it has both power, and water." "Y-yeah." 
Once Jack showed me my room I looked around. The room was a plain white, but do to dust and time they looked slightly yellow. I guess I had a lot of cleaning, and redecorating, to do. Then I heard my stomach grow. All I could think was, not again, not again. I just ate! Why am I already hungry again? Mm, I have to hold it back. If Jack finds out... "Are you ok?" I quickly turned around to see Jack starring at me, or at least I think he is. "U-uh.. Yeah." I said quickly. "Ok, if you say so..." after he walked out, I started to think.
Jack POV
Mm, that was weird. Slender told me she was.. Different. I don't think Prox could tell, but her eyes were silted when I walked in. I think she might be hungry. But why didn't she say anything... Well I know I was told that she hated killing. But Slender said that she  kinda had split personalities. But they were all her, one was just her instinctive side. But maybe I could be wrong, from what I heard from the news. 'The Shadow' who is Prox, is ruthless. She kills her victims mercifully. But some times she just nearly kills them, they still are alive. But the thing was, the victim usually was scared senseless. To the point of killing them selves. That honestly makes me wonder.. What exactly is that side of Prox?
Later on
By now it was 8:15 at night, both myself and Prox were going hunting. "Prox!" I called for her, I was by the door. "Coming!" I saw her quickly run out of her room. We were now walking along the highway by the mountain. We would be going to the nearest town, North Moon. We had just got to the edge of town, myself and Prox walked in the small neighborhood. Being hidden in the shadows. Then I found a house, there were at least two people living there. By the looks of it, and the lights we off. I looked behind myself to see that Prox had already found away in.
Once we both got in we made our way to the bedroom. As soon as we where about to slit on of the persons throat. The other, jumped up and pointed a gun at Prox. "Stay back!!" I heard him yell. I saw Prox just standing there, frozen. But then I saw her eyes slit. She lunged herself at the man. But he shot. At first I thought that Prox was dead... But she.. She was... Laughing. "Hahaha! You thought that hurt me? Wow.. You humans are stupid.. But any ways.. Night, night, Sukoshi ningyõ." Then I saw Prox stab him, multiple times, but she never punctured anything important. I saw her eyes.. The right one was a purple color. The left one was still silver. But both had a red haze, and were slited. Making her look... Like a... Demon.
Prox POV
For some reason as soon as I saw a gun pointing at me, something... Just... Snapped. All I knew next was that I was currently drinking the ladies blood. At first I thought Jack had killed her... But he was just starring at me, not saying a word. "Why are you starring at me for?" "You don't remember what just happened, do you?" " Should I?" "Yes, yes you should." then I thought.. "Oh god what did I do?" "You wanna know now, or back at the house?" "Back at the house.." "Alright, but you have a lot of explaining to do." "O-ok" did I do something that bad?
Once we got back to the house Jack told me to sit, so I did. He sat down across from me, we were sitting at the small table he had. "What are you?" "W-what do you mean by that?" I saw Jack sigh. "What I mean is, are you a vampire?" "No no no, nope not a vampire." "Then what are you?" "Well.... I'm a demon. But that's all I'm saying for now, ok?" "Alright, you can go to bed now." "Ok." I said as I stood up, walking down the short hall to my room. I slowly opened the door, looking at Jack for a bit. Trying to see what he was thinking, but I couldn't. The mask made it too hard for me. So then I just walked into the room. My room was still dusty, so I went out and got the cleaning supplies. Jack had told me where almost everything was, so I knew right where to go.
Later on~~
By now I had cleaned the whole room, top to bottom. If anyone knew me well enough, they would know that I was a slight clean freak. I honestly just didn't like when things were messy and unorganized. Then I heard the door creak behind me. I tired around to see Jack. "Jeez," "What?" "Are you a clean freak?" "Sorta, also you have not way of saying I'm a clean freak. I heard from the others you can be just as bad!" I heard Jack mumbling before he said something. "Screw you." was all he said. I broke out laughing loudly as he walked away, even thought it looked like he was stomping away.
A\N: Whelp, this is my new story! Originally it was going to be a Jeff the killerXOC buuuttt as you can tell it is a Eyeless JackXOC. So yeah, I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, this is the longest chapter I've ever made for any of my stories. Updates to this will probably take awhile. So yeah hoped ya all enjoyed!! ~ Silver Moon ?
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