Twisted: Shadow X Reader

Another thing that I wrote a long time ago. This story includes: friend-turned-foe, time travel, and of course self-insert.

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Twisted: Shadow X Reader
Chapter 1.


        The sound of the night’s rain dripping echoed through the ancient corridors. The walls were barely supporting themselves, crumbling with age. Limbs and vines had overtaken the forgotten temple, hidden from the eyes of civilization. It sat there for centuries, fading away, thought to have been empty to this day. But tonight, there was a disturbance.
        The sound of shoes clacking against the stone floor where in rhythm with the rain drops. The trespasser was barely recognizable in the moon light.  The figure walked with ease through the narrow hallways and found their way around the fallen debris, and into a large room. The room itself was breath-taking, a high ceiling that reveled the full moon outside. And hieroglyphics decorated the walls while some cracked and looked like they were to fall at any time. There in the middle of the room sat a small alter with ancient symbol and carvings engraved on it. The luminous light of the moon shone down, through all the vines, on the alter showcasing a large book. Some of the dust disturbed on the cover from some of the rain droplets that found their way through the vines. The mysterious figure, after taking in the scene, walked up to the alter and stopped just shy of the first step. Then with a swift leap found their way perched on the top of the alter. They gently reached for the book with gloved hands and blew the dust from the book. Sending a faint cloud of dust into the air. They turned the book to it’s side and untied its bindings and slowly opened the cover.
        The second the book was opened light exploded from the pages. The light’s energy shot through the mass of vines and into the sky towards the moon. The energy was raging from the book and the light was becoming brighter and brighter as it continued to ascend its way into the sky. Then some of the light’s energy began to snake its way towards its handler. The person then violently slammed the book shut, but held it close. Their breathing was shaky and seemed almost panicky. Thoughts were racing through their mind. Did anyone see that? Did it work like planned? What do I do now that it’s done? What….what am I-. Their thoughts were cut short when they saw a flash of light come from the outside of the temple. It was a familiar sight to them, for they have seen it many of times. They calmly sat the book back where it was in the beginning and followed the same route to the outside. Carefully planning out their next actions.
        The sun was finally making its way over the horizon when they made it past the first archway. Once they arrived at the front steps they encountered an old friend.
        “What are you doing here?” said the ebony hedgehog. Which was at first in a fighting stance but gave away a confused look upon seeing the person exit the temple.
        “Taking care of some business.” they replied calmly. Slowly walking towards Shadow. Whose expression turned into frustration and stepped in their way. “Do you mind telling me what just happened here? Or-”
        “Or you can join me?” they interrupted. Shadow seemed to have an uneasy feeling yet familiar. But he knew something wasn’t right. The figure saw his discomfort and struck at him before he could make the first move. Shadow was taken aback from the unexpected hit and found himself slightly burned as well.  “What was that-“the person came at him again their fists ablaze. “I can’t have someone like you getting in my way, so I’m going to get rid of you before everything starts!” They shot fire at the hedgehog while he used chaos control to dodge and shooting chaos spears at them.
        This continued for several minutes until Shadow pinned the person to the ground about ready to finish them off, both tired from the cat and mouse game.
        He was about to administer the final blow when a crippling pain exploded in his abdomen. The force of the hit threw him back a couple of feet and found him on the ground in agony. He couldn’t believe what has happened. He looked down to see charred flesh and some of it was still burning. He glanced up from his wound to see his attacker standing over him, as if just taunting him to just touch them.
        “Now you will feel my pain.” they said as they forced their hand on Shadow’s face, covering his mouth and the torturing burning sensation came to him far more worse than the one he just received. He could feel the burning fire engulf him and slowly drain his energy away. The figure held their hand there until the ebony hedgehog’s body went limp, and they released their grip.
        They then disposed of him in a place where no one he knows would find him, making sure that their plan will go without being problematic.
        “Now just have to get some people to help me with my plan to bring darkness to this world…again”
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that’s so sweet
on March 20, 2020