Age Of End

Age Of End

AGE OF END CONTAINS SPOILERS, You have been warned! Written By: Matthew/Mander While Natsu Dragneel of the Fairy Tail was training to get stronger after they Fairy Tail stopped the Nine Demon Gates, Natsu Was Thinking who is E.N.D and what does he want with Zeref?

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The Bleeding Sun (Chapter 1)

The Bleeding Sun (Chapter 1)

Hey Happy I was thinking who is this E.N.D guy that Mard Geer was talking about said Natsu Happily. Well I don't know so why you asking me I've never said Happy Angrily as a shadow creeps up behind Natsu and Happy.This is of this twisted world    says the shadow with anger in its voice.
     WHO ARE YOU says Natsu in rage! The Closes in as the area around them turns dark and dead. Once the sun turns red it has started says the shadow. What will start says Natsu? The Age of E.N.D say the shadow. As the shadow fades , Wait what did you say said Natsu in anger!? Natsu I think that when the sun turns Red E.N.D will come said Happy with fear. But didn't Zeref burn the book of END said Natsu? Oh yeah said Happy with excitement!
Well once we get this job done we can rest assured that were safe said Natsu. Well let's get this job done and get out of these creepy woods said Happy. About 2 hours later their on their way home from faceing a huge monster about 10 times their size. Ahhhhhhh I'm so hungry said Natsu. Me to said Happy. Once we get back to Magnolia we can ask Lucy if she will buy us some food said Natsu, uh Natsu you remember were training right said Happy? Oh right then who's monster did we just fight said Natsu? I don't know said Happy.................
Well we did get some jewel and other stuff so...said Natsu. LETS surprise Lucy said Natsu with excitement! Sure said Happy. *Flames Crackling* What the hell said Natsu with confusion? Natsu the sun's red, blood red said Happy with terror. They both run to the fire, seeing Mard Geer standing their with blood covering half his face and missing an eye. You said The demon lord Mard Geer with anger,  I'll kill you Natsu Dragneel!!! Fire Dragon Roa Geer get blown back and hits a tree. You understand who you are Natsu Dragneel, You are E.N.D as Natsu's flames surround him traping him like a bird in a bird cage. Natsu starts screaming in pain HELp me.... It goes silent as Natsu comes out different saying This is end of this world I will destroy it, all of it!
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