For the glory of the gods.

For the glory of the gods.

This is a story based off a Pathfinder adventure I once played through. Not finished the Mod yet but getting there.

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Chapter 1.
Flight from home.

Flight from home.

I was at the bar, Listening to the bard sing. I think her name was Candii. she was singing some merry bar song then a man in Armour burst in. A paladin by the look of his Armour. "Run! Everyone out. the town is under siege by goblins and orcs. So if you want to stay and fight go to the south-western gates, but if not flee for your lives." I look to my left and right. Everyone is afraid, i needed to do something. "Alright you sorry lot" I said, "You heard the man, lets move!" I stood up and ran to my home, collected my gear and headed to the south-western gates. the paladin and surprisingly the bard moved quickly behind me.
Once we got there, it was already too late, the guards were impaled on spears, and there was a elf, tied to a log in the fire pit with goblins all around her. I yell out to the goblins, in the tongue of demons saying "Away from her you foolish creatures, before i cast your souls into the abyss!" I don't think they under stood me though, for they came charging straight at me. I moved in on the one closest to me and took his head of with one clean blow, while the paladin was right behind me crushing another on my right with his war hammer, Candii was singing some sort of magical tune for I felt stronger while she did, my sword becoming an extension of my arm. A goblin that stayed behind cast some sort of spell on me, a single bolt of pure magic coming at me. It hits me right in the head and by Caden Caylin it hurts. A goblin next to him fumbles with his bow, trying to hit the paladin but with no success. I take another goblin out and The paladin charges the shaman, crushing his skull with his hammer. I had failed to notice the elf, had somehow escaped her bonds and was now stabbing the final goblin viciously with a dagger.
"Are you alright elf?" I ask. "Never better." She looks to the ground and shakes her head. "There are many more near by, wait for me at the edge of the northern forest. We shall flee through there." She sprints of out of sight between the buildings and dissapears. We move to the location she implied, expecting to catch our breath there, but she was already waiting. we sprinted off, with another party of goblins behind us, this time with some help from their bigger cousins, Orcs.
We were ahead of them by about 1000 ft., So we set up a trap. Me and the paladin strung a rope between two trees, while the elf, who the bard told us was the forest ranger, climbed a tree while the bard started singing, then we waited for them.
We introduced ourselves as we talked. "My name is Themus, I am one of the fighters guilds best member." The paladin was Icthemus thump, we already knew Candii, and the ranger was Sarah, an oddly human name for an elf. Then they attacked, orcs raining arrows on us while the goblins tripped over the rope, Sarah was returning fire when me and the paladin were crushing the goblins watermelon like heads with our weapons, an orc went down, an arrow to its throat, while the other met its last against my sword. In the aftermath of the battle, we got the valuables from the creatures. "Well," I said. "That went just perfectly."
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Pretty good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on August 05, 2015