Shirokuro (creepypasta)

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Born the June 13th in Japan. She was rarely happy. Her smile and her laughs were often absent, she wasn't friendly or nice. Nobody nor even her parents knew much about her, she never spoke about her feelings with them or anyone. Her name was Shirokuro. Shiro as white and Kuro as black. Her parents wanted to gave her a common japanese name, but they gave her this one because they noticed that she had a odd and surprising reactions toward monochrome objects and dark places. When they took her off the hospital to the town hall, they drived along a town where the street was a modern black and white movie's scenery, there was the same black skyscrapers and white buildings at each street and many shops that was just some spot of colors that would mess up the sadness of the town. Shirokuro eyes's sparkled, fully open on this colorless landscape reflecting on her pink eyes, she started twitching all over and giggling.

At 3 months old she got her first toys and her own playpen. She recieve alot of plushies, usually happy and colorful. The mother put Shirokuro in her playpen full of toys with agressives colors and filled with infinite happiness on thier faces. When the woman left her for only a few second, suddenly she heard strange noises from the room and there was a scream that earned her full attention. When she rushed in, the plushies were all ruined in piece, foam everywhere, thier smiling head decapited, their multicolored buttons were removed from all of them, thier fluffly limbs riped out and the body torned up . The father was in the room too. He stayed steel for a few second very shoked of this butchery made of foam and buttons ,he quickly took away the parts of the "bodies" before she eat a thorn up piece of the "victims". The tow parents add a dispute, accusing each other for this mess. Because how can a baby can have the strenght to tear up his toys in a few seconds ? Shirokuro look at thier direction, but more precisely at her imaginary friend, with a amused smile.

At the age of 11, she started to feel sick in her mind. Even if she was the serious type, her entourage could realize that there was something that went wrong with her. A sort of paranoid and depression was invading her. She wouldn't talk about it, she was feeling disgust and anger around people, she was containing herself from other. Harassing anyone who was looking her with a bad eye.
One day her mother bought a small black and white box containing silver dust, she had to told Shirokuro to not to touch it because she might get sick. The same day her parents and her big brother as been absent for a few hours from thier home, leaving Shirokuro and and her 3 years old little brother Tao alone. It was the older sister Sachiko who was supposed to kept them but she fled from the house for other projects than taking care of them. But Shirokuro hates her little brother, even more if she had to take care of him and hear him crying and braying for a yes or a no, and She hates company and lound sounds. Her anger was growing abnormally. She grabbed the black and white pot of silver dust beside her...
Tired but farewell, Sachiko came back at the fall night. Luckily she did not see the car of her parents, they were not back yet. She opened the door. A silence of death was wandering her home, she called them with a worried voice: the silence answered again. She rushed to her little bother's room first with stress and then an expression of horror engrave on her face when she arrived in the front of the door. There, on the floor, the body of Shirokuro was laying motionless, her pinkish eyes was fixing the wall and seemed to stare at something but there was only an empty wall. Sachiko noticed that the ground as full of sparkling dust, the parquet looked like a carpet of giltter. She immediately turned the light on and reallized the skin of her sister has become a mixture of gray and blue. her white hairs rolled in the sparkling dust. Panicking she immediately she shoke her and give her little slaps to wake her up, she wont move but her heart was still beating when she verified.
She decided to call the hospital and her parents but she suddenly stopped and looked around the place with confusion and she asked herself "Where I'm I?". There was just a box of silver dust reversed on the floor and a pair of young boy clothes wadding in it.

Shirokuro woke up, her eyes stung, her it was hard to distinguish where she was, she heard the sound of neverending biping machine and a bad smell of disinfectant that irritated her nostrils. She opened her eyes and realized that she was in a hospital room. She couldn't see with her left eye and noticed her dark gray and blue skin without any stupefaction. The door opened, her parents came along with a nurse and a doctor, her mother came with tears in her eyes, as her father had a forced smile but seemed to despair. The doctor said:
- When did everything we could but it's still is a great chance that your daughter is still alive the silver dust had almost attacked her lungs but it also goes into her right eye and it has become unfortunaly unusable now, but she will arrive to accustom it quickly...
Shirokuro wasn't paying attention on what the doctor say she was too busy to look at this familiard creature that had just appeared behind her parents. But the doctor nor anybody spoke about the little boy.

She was 15 years old,  totally forgot the loss of Tao,  nobody was talking about his disappearance only his room was remaining intact. All the photography of him add a blank side at his spot and the files about him add empty fields. There was only the name: desceased soul #1. At 11:20 in the night everyone was supposed to sleep but Sachiko risen to have a drink. In the corridor she felt a presence like if someone was following her in the darkness full of misleading shadows that sometimes gave her a start. The floors creaked behind her she turned hastily but she saw nobody. At the kitchen she quickly grabed a drink and suddenly she heard footsteps similard of a dog's. She turned of suddenness one more time but saw the nothingness, and yet she still felt a presence that she was not alone. "Who's here ?" she finally asked panicked. Sachiko couldn't find the switch. She was shaking and her moves were speed and clumsy  while she was casting the water in her glass, her hands shoked and her heart was beating fast. The invisible footsteps approached her step by step, bit by bit, little by little... and then agonized roughlys,  her heart was beating more fast, she raised her trembling "M-mom...? D-dad...? Sato-". Suddenly she saw a white light reflecting on the wall in front of her and when she turned she saw the creature that was folowing her, she dropped her glass on the floor and let out a shriek. Her brother Satochi awoke and hurtled in the stairs to the kitchen. His sister was staring at the wall, her mouth and her eyes were wide open as if she had received the worst trauma. She moaned loudly and tears flowed from her livid eyes, she was completely motionless. Satochi raised his voice:
-Sachiko! Are you with me ?!
- Aah..ahh..ah... he... She was breathing so loud that her normal voice because a whisper.
- Who?! Someone attack you ? Respond to me! he cried
His father rushed to his daughter while the mother ran to take the phone to call the hospital. The man caught her in his arms and embrace her to calm her. Satochi prepared quickly a glass of water. She closed her eyes slowly. Suddenly the light turn off. Satochi looked around there was nobody in front of the switch.
-Shirokuro, is that you ? screamed the father.
-Shit! I think it's the fuse that blewed, the phone doesn't work!  Said the mother in the corridor.
Satochi went to his room to take his portable: there wasn't network. And panicked .
The footsteps began again, they were very close to the father and his daughter.
-Shirokuro for god sakes is that you ?! Come help us or something!
The mother went in Shirokuro's room. She was asleep. There weren't any noise in her  dark room, nor her breath could be heard in her sleep. Like if she was dying while she was sleeping. Everytime someone came in her room we could feel a funeral presence and the same dark atmosphere of an interment. The woman approach her daughter's bed slowly and suddenly noticed a black liquid running on her dark grey skin on her face, it was flowing from her left eye while she was asleep. Suddenly the woman recieve shock like electricity her mind and forgot completly the reason why she came in her daughter's room. They were no black tears either. She gently closed the door with a  blurred brain and noticed that the light income in the kitchen downstairs. She approach her husband who was holding his head with one hand:
-Are you allright?
- I-I don't know... I don't even remember why I'm here... What are you doing Here?
- I don't know what I'm doing neither...let's just go to's maybe just the fatigue.
The woman went in the big brother's room to check on him: he was sleeping.
Then the couple went to thier room whitout the feeling of forgetting someone.
The next morning the Satoshi went in his only sister's room to woke her up. But she bellowed:
-Get out of my room! Let me sleep!
-Hey calm down geez! You're going to be late!
-Hear me well asshole... I did not sleep all the night, now get the hell out of my damn room.
-Hey there! Be careful of what you say. Because it's not a reason that you are 15 years old that all goes. Now stop being a damn kid and get up!
He had gone too far. Shirokuro get up and took the candle and the black lighter in front of her bed. She said:
-You know...I love the light of candles... You want to fuc**** know why?
Satoshi did not understand what does these words means, but it was the last he heard.

She was 17 years old,  nor her parents nor anyone else remembered the existence of the tow adolescents nor even the 3 years old child. Yet, their rooms remained intact, but the parents did not know who it belonged to or why they were even here. One day the mother of Shirokuro heard her speaking in her room . She was a little surprised at first because she never had friends, this young girl is smart, her teachers haven't noticed any problems in her work or in class life, but she never wanted to talk to other students. She was avoiding everyone. She was always alone always in the darkests corner of the school. Waiting.
The woman opened the door of her daughter's room, she wasn't here, and yet the wispering voices continued to be heard, it kept repeating the same dialogue inaudible . There was severals voice talking the same time a different dialogue. It echoed through the room, it would made the blood curdle. It looked like the white walls and the black floor, and the ceiling was talking with her daughter's voice. The woman positioned herself in the middle of the room and asked:
-Shirokuro...are you here ?
The voice trailed suddlenly. Shirokuro appear at the threshold of her room, her mother gasped of surprise. She said:
- D-Did you ear those voices ?
- No I was just talking to Eye. Now can you get out of my room ?
-Alrigh, alright... By the way can you tell me who is Eye?
-Please get out... She said with a very pleadingly voice and blazing eyes like if something very bad was gonna happened.
-Answer me first, did you get yourself a pet without our permission?
And she suddenly yell:
-Get out of my fuc**** room, can't you you see I'm angry right now !
Her mother frowned and slapped her.
-Watch your language young girl! Don't you dare talking to me like that again ! Now you answer me. Did you get yourself a pet ?
She turned on the light and looked at her daugther right in the eye waiting for a good answer. But instead she complained:
-What the fu**, turn the light off !
-Did you hear me ? I ask you a simple damn answer or you're going to be in very big troubles!
She was about to give her another slap but Shirokuro was faster: she gave her a big kick in the stomach that the woman fell down in pain. She vomited, looked up and saw the light pink of the eyes of her daughter mutating: the pink iris of her right eye was going red and appears a sort of black horizontal lines, her eyebrows furrowed and became immobile and dark circles loomed around her eyes. Shirokuro's kick was terribly painfull, her face was showing all the hatred and rage growing in her red, crying eyes at each kicks and the smile of her mouth going down. Her unsmiling mouth seemed to hurt her jaw, it was stuck. She could finally show her true self, "it felt good", she tought. The woman died after tenth kick in the stomach.
At the evening, the father with no memories of his deceased family went to say goodnight to his daughter. But when he opened the door of her room he didn't saw her but he found a note on the floor.
"-You are the only being that can understand me.
-These two colors suit you so well they are so beautiful.
-So if I kill them nobody remember them, right ?
-where did you find these clothes?
-I would be happy but I can't
-I'm feeling too sick anyway."
The man didn't understand this dialogue. Did she wrote that? For who ? Suddenly a woman appearing of nowhere sitting on her bed, with very long white messy hairs badly cutted witha scythe laying on her lap and a twisted handle which flowed a strange black liquid that don't reflect the lighting and a long blade that was a cut in tow black and white parts, was staring at the window with her cruved back . The father was between the surprise and the fear. He asked the woman sitting on the bed of her daughter:
-Who are you? How did you get in my house ?
She turned and stood up, she wore very strange but impressive clothes: A wick hid her left eye with a white tissue was hiding her mouth, a sleeveless jacket with a long cole cut on four black and white parts like tiling with 4 rows of black nails on the white sides if the cloth, two bracelets that came below the tow shoulders, right: white with black nails and the left was the opposite: black with white nails, tow long gloves black and white in mitten with a zip  where emerged fingers with hooked white nails the right one was black with a white zip and the left was white with a black zip, she wear have a black leather short  and a half-thigh with buckles and laces. The boot left was white with black buckles and white laces  and the right shoe was the opposite colors. Her skin was dark grey and blue. Everything exept her eyes was monochrome. Where does she come out these clothes? he tought.
She replied with a hoarsely voice:
-Your daughter.
The father get angry. She look like this woman's but there is no possibilities that she possess a such weapon
-No! Tell me where is she, or I call the police! But he looked at the sckyte with a bad feeling.
Shirokuro removed the tissue that hid her mouth: a row of sharp teeth above prevent to closing her mouth, the bottom row was normal. She sticked he tongue out it was black.
-Why...Why don't you believe me..?
The man pushed her off by disgust and run down the stairs to call the police. The father ran for the primary telephone: unload. The light suddenly turn off, the blown fused,He took his phone: no network , he tried to escape but the door wont open it was completly locked. He remained immobile there, his heart was pounding strongly with fear, footsteps could be heard, but they weren't human then something hit his head and stunned him.
A few hours later he awoke at the hospital. The doctors stiched him his injuries: they weren't deadly, and weren't made to kill the man, only to make him suffer at the view point of the policemen when they came to ask some questions about the attack that night and the kidnapping of the man's daughter but in the end they weren't recollection. He didn't remember anything and was invaded of stress about his daughter and prayed for her. The policemen returned empty-handed. A few hours later, the hospital seemed strangely silencious, and suddenly footsteps was heard and were approaching of the man's room. He woke up. The door burst open and a nurse fell on the ground at the doorstep, she was covered of blood and sweat, she was breathing anormaly hard like if she is having a heart attack.  With a expression of terror she looked at the man and said with a weak voice:
"run... " suddenly a speed shadow hit her back, like a cat that catches a mouse in his paw, she spat blood and died. Her body began to melt and disappear whitout leaving any track, only the  woman's blouse on the ground without any spot of blood. The man have never been so terrorized, seeing a body bursting into boiled of blood and flesh made him instantly vomit. Suddenly,  a shadow was approaching the room and something came up from the door, a big black creature come out of the door, this "thing" possessed an animal body whose front legs ended in spine, a big white collar of flame that shine the entire room, and a boufisan rong face with no mouth or nose only two big expressionless eyes, two flames on the tow sides of his head and a big white flame as a tail. The creature looked at the terrorized man in the. The monsters stayed steel looking at him in the eyes .It didn't say anything. Then a whisper was heard. Close to his ears a soft and familiar woman voice:" Black is my heart...White is my anger... Grey is my life..."
It was the last words and the last moment he add with his daugther.
When the police went again to the hospital no nurse, doctor or patients as been found, only thier clothes was remaining in a sinister aura. The police checked on the cameras of the hospital, they was all found broken exept the tow of the man they had questioned last night and oddly they did not remember of him. On the video there was the man motionless and a was a woman with long white hairs view from the back. She she slowly raised her scythe and the video skiped on only the body of the man that was melthing in boilied flesh, bones and blood on the bed. Then the video stopped on a snow screen. On the second camera there was showing only a message on a white wall : "In this small box of white walls, black ground and low roofs, I'm crying dark tears I light only with a white fire, I'm full of fear the Eye is watching" the message was wrote in a black liquid that wasn't on the crime scene before. Like the other camera it end on a  snow screen. The body of the man was never been found. God knows what happened to the woman.
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