Icicle's Lullaby

Icicle's Lullaby

When Icicle was young, her mother used to sing her a song to help her sleep. Now she's going to repeat that same lullaby to her children.

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Spell Of The Night

It was late at night. Michael and Grace were playing together in their room when their mother, Icicle, knocked on the door.
"You ready for bed?" she asked.
The twins nodded, and climbed into their bed, as Icicle tucked them in.
"Mummy," Grace quietly whispered.
"Yes Grace?" Icicle replied.
"Can you sing us a song?"
Icicle smiled, and kneeled in between the 2 beds.
"When I was your age, my mum sang me a song," Icicle said. "She came up with it herself. You want that song?"
Both the children nodded, as Icicle again smiled.
She tucked the children into their warm, comfortable beds, and began to sing.

"Where the sun shone so bright,
Filled your day with its might,
Now stands there the spell of the night,
Let it take you and hold you,
In it's little arms,
Let it whisper 'My sweet pie, good night.'

When the sun will next rise,
Its rays shining bright,
Let it tap you, and up you will rise,
But for now, rest your head,
As the night holds your bed,
Let it whisper 'My sweet pie, good night.'
As you drift off, it whispers, 'Good night.'"

Both Michael and Grace were asleep by the time Icicle has finished her lullaby. As she carefully crept out the room, she looked back at her children and whispered, "Good night."
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on August 28, 2014
Aww, so nice :,)
on June 16, 2014