Diamond from scratch

Diamond from scratch

This is based on Kameo's story and Matlen's story: the evolution of crystal.. hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
Diamond the Hedgebat

Diamond the Hedgebat

As I said before, this story is based on Kameo and Matlen's story of how they made their OC. This is 100% true!! Hope you enjoy reading! Come on out.. The very FIRST Diamond!!

Diamond: Hello..
Me: So.. Can you tell the public a bit about yourself?
Diamond: Well uh.. My name's Diamond.. Diamond the hedgebat.
Me: ok and...
Diamond: I have chaos control and teleportation abilities.. well, i was a princess of a place called Zalagazion.. Well, one day eggman attacked.. Believe it or not, him and his minions destroyed most of Zalagazion and I hardly escaped...
Me: *wipes tear* that... Was... Beautiful!
Diamond: ... O.o
Me: anywho... Tell the public some more!
Diamond: I was abandoned :(
Me: -_- the same story again
Diamond: I was abandoned and discarded..
Me: -____- lets move on
Diamond: okay
Me: these are le guys!

Silver: hey
Shadow: hello
Sonic: sup
Knuckles: hi
Espio: hey
Diamond: hi!
Me: so, what do you guys think about Diamond..?
Silver: Kind of.. Um.. Stubborn and um.. Annoying..
Diamond: I beg your pardon?! YOU IDIOT I'VE ALWAYS HATED YOU
Silver: •_•U
Shadow: she's really quick and clever.
Diamond: ^_^ thanks you
Sonic: she's pretty annoying...
Diamond: >:(
Sonic: •_•U in the best way of course..
Knuckles: she's nice, but she bullies me! *O*
Diamond: I DO NOT bully you!
Me: Silence in the court!
Diamond: -_-U
Espio: well.. She's really pretty and funny and awesome an—
Silver: -_-U
Knuckles: -_-U
Shadow: -_-U
Diamond: heh thanks ^_^
Me: Alrighty..

Diamond: so.
Me: SO.
Diamond: why did you discard me
Me: long story ^_^U
Diamond: -_- was it because.. I didn't like Silver
Me: O.o of course not
Silver: *pops outta nowhere* hi
Diamond: GAH! I'm DONE here! *walks out*
Me: *_*
Silver: *_*
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I think the look is amazing better of the look of now,u should of take with look and change the shy thing
on September 01, 2014
@CamilleTheHedgehog14 @DiamondTheHedgehog @Yamilettethehedgehog101 @Matlen i updated Diamond from scratch!
I'm gonna read it right now!
on September 01, 2014
on September 01, 2014
Awsome!u mentí one me!idk why but the first look Looks awwwsssommmmeeeee!!!
on August 30, 2014
on August 30, 2014
on August 30, 2014