Merge Madness 2

Merge Madness 2

After the team names have been chosen, some contestants realize that teams come and go but friends are forever.

published on August 12, 201833 reads 5 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Team name decision

Merge cube: welcome back everyone. Are you excited to find you your team name.
*everyone is silent*
Juice box: ... No.
Merge cube: well, toasty. Your team is team breakfast. Any objections?
Pama: well. Toasty is the only breakfast-related object.
Merge cube: too bad because thats your team name!
Bopit (holding up a sign that says 'Team crossover!'): aww.
Merge cube: Push pin's team! You are team rooster.
Push pin: that is the dumbest name ive ever heard.
Merge cube: ha ha! You have to stick with it. Also, we mistaken amulet for a boy for she is acctually a girl. Challenge time!
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Comments (1)

They better not betray there team.
*cough Puffball *cough
on August 12, 2018