Good vs. Evil

Good vs. Evil

It's not a story, not a made up tale. This is our world. And from my 15 year old mind, I want to explain it to you.

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Our World

        Babies have sweet, innocent faces. They laugh because they're happy, they cry because they're sad. But the fact remains that a baby bites. A baby pulls hair. A baby gets frustrated and throws their toys on the floor. A baby is human, and humans are inherently evil.
        I'm 15 years old and I thought I had my understanding of the world sealed air tight. But bad things happen to good people. And good people aren't just good; they're evil. My mom left me when I was a baby. She did drugs, had sex, and only came around when she needed money or protection from bad people. My dad was an alcoholic living in his friend's basement, dating an underage girl. But my mom gives money to homeless people. She gives what she has to people less fortunate than her. My dad never abandoned me. He got sober to take care of me. I live in a world where bad people are good people, and vise versa.
        I love to make people smile. I crave the satisfaction of doing something good, knowing people with think better of me because of it. It's a selfish intention, of course. To only want to do something good if I'm going to benefit from it. And I also love to tear down the people who hurt me. I love to argue and start problems because it's fun. Babies bite, girls and boys fight, and parents leave. Nobody is good.
        Adolf Hitler killed millions of people just because they didn't meet his standards. Concentration camps full of disease, starvation, filth, and labor. Countries take things from the poor to give to the wealthy. Governments are corrupt. People are living in the streets with nothing but a grocery cart full of rotting bread to fill their empty bellies. But somehow people have the luxury to eat 3 course meals in their warm homes.
        People lie, murder, steal, rape, and destroy others. People throw innocent fathers, mothers, friends behind bars to shut them up.
        If you can say people are inherently good, how do you justify the evilness in the world? If human beings were naturally good, not an evil fiber in their body, how has our world come to be the way it is? If you explain it to me with religion, what about those of us who don't believe?
        I don't know if I believe in a god who creates monsters. I don't know if I believe in multiple gods who dictate where I belong in life. I believe in what is right in front of me.
        And in front of me is a world of pain. It's hard to see something that could be good but is so evil.
        Pardon me for bringing literature into this, but Lord of the Flies is my favorite example of good versus evil. When innocent boys, without supervision or civilization, are thrown together, they let fear and jealously and guilt drive them to become murderers. How can that happen to boys from previously good homes, from parents or guardians or some moral compass? If humanity is such a purely good thing, evil wouldn't exist. If you never had something bad to tarnish it with in the first place, nothing would ever be bad.
        What's the worst thing you've ever done? Got into a fight with someone? Called someone an ugly name? And what's the best thing? Both of those go hand in hand. Good compliments bad, and bad destroys good. It's human nature, it's mental, and it's very real in the world we live in together.
        So in the battle between good versus evil, friends become enemies, family divides, and blood is spilled.
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