Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect

the statements and facts and other things proving the Mandela effect theory.

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Chapter 1.
intro: why and what

intro: why and what

the reason it is called "the Mandela effect" is due to Nelson Mandela, no no, he didn't think it up or anything, its because of what is connected to him and his death. i will get into that in a later chapter, but for now all you need to know is that there are certain things happening which cannot be explained.
the what: there are many instances of massive groups of people remembering something that is incorrect. now you're probably thinking "how does this have to do with anything, people forget stuff and remember things incorrectly all the time" yes yes, but over 80% of the people I've polled remembering something incorrectly.... that doesn't seem normal. you can look at my polls on here, but they weren't the only polls i used. i asked my friends and family, and people on social media. on one i have almost 400 votes at the time that i'm writing this and it is 93% for the wrong answer....coincidence? I THINK NOT!  anyways, i'll say more on that later.  but on to what this theory really is... i'll try my best to say this as clearly as possible, we are in a parallel world!  okay, that's stupid, right? i mean, how can that be possible...? JUST YOU WAIT i will be giving more evidence to back it up in my other chapters. but as for the why.. well, we need some way to explain the world changing in front of our eyes.

****forgive my spelling errors, im not much paying attention to them, and neither should you***
###i will be updating my first part soon ish hopefully###
^^if you know of any other mandela effects pleaase privet message me :)^^
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