Gossip from Main street

Emma and her best friends/neighbors Lilly and Willow start a blog about gossip from Main street. Though since it is a secret who the authors are, Emma, Lilly, and Willow all sign the name "Blogging bloggers.

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Chapter 1.

Getting the Gossip.

"Emma!" Willow screamed. "We haven't blogged in a week! If we can't get gossip for our blog soon No one will read it!" Willow shouted. "Relax Willow! I told Lilly to go  out to the park on Main street and get some juicy gossip for our blog a little while ago. She should be here soon." Emma said. "EMMA!!! WILLOW!!! I GOT THE GOOD GOSSIP!!!" Lilly yelled. Then she gave Emma  a note book with gossip written in it. Emma started Blogging right away.

Dear Residents of Main street,                                                                    6/19/15

Today at Kaleb's Park Mr. Smith had a lemonade stand until a 6 year old got so mad at the price $1.00 she threw the pitcher and chucked it on the ground! Mr. Smith was so embarrassed he ran home a hid inside the rest of the day.

It turns out today Jack Brown's goldfish Bubbly died. Jack made a grave for Bubbly then went and bought a guinea pig and named her Nibbles.

Yours truly,
The Blogging Blogger.
omgitsme: ha ha ha. 6 year old ruins lemonade stand! HILARIOUS!
Mrs. Smith101: It's not funny when your husband gets embarrassed by a little girl.
omgitsme: Yes it is.
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