the midnight swing-set

the midnight swing-set

This story is based on serin-head. it has some fowl langue so if you don't want to read it. sorry. i will make a clean one pretty soon. Also character's names: Asher, nickname: Corpse. Abaddon, Nickname: JJ Bones, Nickname: Gore Jake, No nickname

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Chapter 1.
chapter 1 "moving in"

chapter 1 "moving in"

We have just moved down town to get a fresh new start. Unpacking maybe a week after work, and getting supper at a fast food restaurant called “taco-bell” it was maybe 11:30pm i decided to clean up the kitchen, and the upstairs. Abaddon and jake was talking about a the new scary movie coming out. While Bones was playing some poplar scary game on TV, and basing his oppositions off the new scary movie of what Abaddon and Jake was blabbing about. Soon enough it got real quiet. “Well you all just made it awkward-” i said laughing, and cleaning the dishes right up. “Nah, we just chilling. I really have nothing Else to say-..” Said Abaddon. “Fair enough, any drinks? I think we have enough soda’s to pass around.” i said putting the last dish in the dish washer, and headed to the fridge. Jake looked at me, than back at Abaddon. “I don’t feel like soda will fix Bones negative results- i think the new scary movie is AWESOME!” he said kind of way to loud.
“THE OLD ONE IS BETTER! Like God-” Bones rolled his eyes, forced back on the game. “Oh really-? Hows so-” Jake added. I took a long sigh. “Guys. shh.. Please? We got away from drama for a reason. Not to Add on..” they all looked at me. Than Jake just blabbed back onto the subject. “I’m waiting-” Abaddon rolled their eyes, and walked towards me to grab the soda i was about to open out of my hands. “Uhh really- i was about to open that-” i said with my eyes glaring at them abit. “Because i watched the old one UNLIKE you-” Bones paused his game to just look Jake dead in the eyes to tell him that. “And? We have kissed all the ways in the books even made our own one- so whats your point? You got covid or something?” Abaddon looked back at me with one eye borrow raise waiting for my response. “UH exause you! I watched HALF of IT thank you!” Jake crossed his arms glaring at the TV in a pissed off mood now. “BABE, don’t expose me like that!” i laughed softly. “MY point exactly-” Bones unpasued his game, and begin to start playing it. Abaddon smiled. They took a long drink out of my soda, and licked the inter piece just to tease me. “There- now it’s ten times better than before-” they said giving me back the soda. I snickered. “Really? “ i grabed the soda back from them, and yawned after. “Woah calm down Ashbabe. You might just go to sleep on us-” said bones while laughing. “Oh shut up- you just want me to be awake to take care of them boxes upstairs-” i rolled my eyes, and drinked the soda. “I mean-” jake was adding on. But Bones interrupted. “Save it- you might not want to get slaped- don’t you think?” Jake looked like he was about to say something. But he just shot down with their head facing down. Letting all his hair go in their own face. “Shit..guys we have Class tommrrow we better get some sleep it’s already 11:57pm..” i said putting my soda into the fridge, stubbling up the stairs. “Got a point.- Bones don’t be up all night.-” said Abaddon following behind me. “HEY where do we sleep? I want to share with JJ and Corpse!” He said while skipping behind Abaddon. Bones gotten up real fast to join them. While following behind Jake. “okay whos being middle-” Said jake holding  a small pillow in arms/hands. I flopped onto the bed, and scooted up to the edge of the peak of the bed. “Well that anwsers the Quetion-” Said bones crawling up behind me with a cover in hand. Covering us both up. “Awe man..i wanted the middle-..” Jake pouted a bit. Abaddon looked at jake, and gave them the grabby hands sign. Jake smiled, went toward them with a hug. “M-!” i grabby hand both of them to come cuddle me. Jake & Abaddon smiled. Jake went infront of me holding me there being pretty close. Abaddon held Jake and me. I smiled while drifting to sleep. It wasn’t long Jake was feeling Alert as if someone or something was watching us. “G-guys..” Jake sat up looking around the room worried a bit. I woke up looking at Jake with heavy sleepy eyes. “Whats wrong love?” he looked at me by jumping abit at the whisper tone of my voice. As if it was unexpected that i was still awake. After being up almost a week now. “I feel un-ease about this place-..” he said looking around the room as if we missed something before coming into the bedroom. i rubbed my eyes.”here i will cuddle you.” i said putting my arm out for him to come.  He slowly layed down. grabbing Abaddon's arm to pull him close, and cuddled me afterwards. Bones shifted his body to pull me close, and kind of snoring into my ear a bit. “I still feel unsafe C-corpse-” he pulled me even closer. I sighed at two people pulling in close. “Fine, i will find a night light dear. Just let JJ and Bones hold you” i said while getting up slowly. Bones grunted as my body lifting up from him. “Mmm..where you going baby..?” he said with a very wore out voice. “Just helping Jake to fall asleep dear.” i said by kissing his forehead before getting out of bed. “Okay..” he added before falling asleep. Jake whimpered a bit before i lifted. “Why is he feeling this way..? There is nothing here-” i looked thru out every box couldn’t find any night light. But i did find a lamp. “Maybe if i get him warm milk?” i said going down the stairs from the extra room where all the boxes we’re towards the fridge. As i got it out, and getting the cup from the cabinet. I heard some noises. That sound exactly like a old swing-set. “C-Corpse?” i jumped. “God- Jake calm down-” he walked behind me, and hugged me from the behind. “I-i’m just making sure your s-safe-” he stuttered. I smiled, and patted his arm. “I am fine dear. I didn’t find the night light. But i do got some milk we could warm up.” i said walking to the microwave. He followed me and being very cuddly. “T-thanks..i-i love you..-” soon enough it was 12:03am, and Jake kind of shaked a bit by hearing a unpleasant swing set noises. “Love it’s just probably the wind.” the microwave went off, and i opened it to give to him. “Drink. It should make you go to sleep. I really do not have meds to give to you at the moment. I will go shopping tomorrow. Now lets get some shut eye. We have class tomorrow.” i smiled, and was already heading up the stairs to our bedroom. He ran up the stairs, shut the light from the kitchen. Which is by the stairs. I looked at him. But really couldn’t see him. “You okay love?” i said waiting for a few minutes. Than freaked out a bit. “J-jake?” he ran up the stairs like no ones watching. I jumped. “OMG jAkE!” i whispered yelled. He ran towards the bedroom like flash himself. I just tilted my head at the stairs just feeling as if there was something really in this house. As i walked back into the bedroom. Bones was already awake playing a game on his phone. “Really-” i said in a tiredly tone. He looked at me confused. “Hm? Oh- yeah i woke up a long time ago.”  i gave him a blank stare. I sighed while crossing my arms, and leaning againest the door way. “Don’t stay up to late- you have school..” i said. He laughed. “Mkay. kiss?” he said. I looked at him, and smiled. “Kiss..”
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