Dreaming isn't always a Dream

Dreaming isn't always a Dream

This story is about a 14 year old girl called Kiki DreamsDay she is adopted and moved to a family who is so called related to a spirt who makes the kinds of dreams, she has to later go on a mission to help the spirt but she end up messing up, she may belive that it's not the spirt that she thinks it is

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Chapter 1.
The Moving

The Moving

Here I am in the new family, it's not always normal to move to a differnt family out of nowhere unless you do that a lot. My old family was the Grunges it made a very strang last name Kiki Grunge, yea don't see it working, but now I moved to a new family called the DreamsDay's and they are so called connected to a dream spirt, well that explains the last name.
" Come on Kiki hurry up, get your stuff in here and unpack" said Mrs. DreamsDay, I can't believe that there being mean to me on my first day of new family hood, crazy I say CRAZY. "Kiki Stone DreamsDay, please don't let mother wait she has had a very bad day" said Mr. DreamsDay, now he is sort of cool, yet he is not used to have a kid in the house.
"So I finished unpacking now time to relax and get myself settled" I said with a stupid thought in my head, "Kiki time to mean the neighbors" said Mother, yea she is very out there she apparently doesn't get many mail or texts at all because we are related to the "creepy" dream spirt. I go downstairs like how I am, and there I see a cute boy around my age, and when I look up and see him he is gone like a ghost. So there I am meeting the neighborhood and its terrors, and of corse if I have nothing else todo I go outside and do nothing, at all....perfect, right? The kid walked up to me, the one that looked at me through my window, and he sits down next to me on the porch, and he just sits there and fiddles with a stone in his pocket. "So, hi" I said, wich was odd of me because he was some random kid I just say staring at me through my window, but what the heack. It takes him awhile to answer but he comes around, "I'm fine, I just moved here to, I don't like it that much" the boy says "oh I'm Adam by the way" he says normally, of corse I have to answer now since he said his name "cool, I'm Kiki, and I just moved here to but I was adopted to move here, long story" I say, but he seems like a nice kid, but I feal bad for him later. "So, want to do something" I ask in a akward way, he doesn't anwser "want to draw on the floor with chalk" he says randomly, so I say yes we get the chalk blah blah blah but then, he gets out of control
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