how I feel

how I feel

a song I wrote about a girl lonely story and how she feels and this one song!?!?

published on May 02, 20159 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
how do I feel

how do I feel

How do I feel well...
             (Song starts)
Im lonely locked up in a cave with nowhere to go
I get a little bit sad
It makes me ma a addddd
I don't wanna do this anymore
Hurt only in the inside
They say sticks and stones may break ur bones but words hurt me
  How do I feel everyday
I'm all lonley nothing to I have no words i can't Evan pray
Nothing at allllll
  How do I feel right now
Feeling lonely right r
Nothing to say my lips are never moven
I like shows but life doesn't keep me going!

it feels like my whole life I haven't said a word i know how I feel but I can never express It i think about how I feel but I can ... can not express how I feel or do what I want just talk like people I am a mute and lonely!I wish I wasn't like this but I can't speak out loud I'm not shy I just I'm just ... not ready because I will i stay as a mute forever!don't know I can't decide only life can decide my fate but my fate is not going to be this I won't be a mute I'll speak!
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