its just dust frisk~ =)

This is a story about chara and frisk, and how they met, how the bad ending happend. And a little after~ you'll see =)

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Chapter 1.


Frisk was almost done with ture pasifist, asreil was just out of her reach. She huged him, asreil was crying tears of joy. Every drop soaked frisk's shirt more, she didn't care. She was happy, about. 2 years mabe? they were out. It was fun in the surface, but. One day, frisk knew what had to hapen. She told everyone sorry, they all asked why? She told them, they wouldn't remember anyways. But sans would, she didn't tell him. She knew he'd try to stop her. So she took her reset butten out. Her hand shook, she saw everyone watching her. She pulled it away. She cryed, "im-i-m so so sorry" she quickly pressed it, she saw the world go white as she saw her freinds hugging each other. Crying, saying "I love you" sans walked in right after. He screamed "NO!" But it already happend. Frisk felt her body fly and hit the floor, everything hurt. Chara held her Hand out, "frisk, you ready?" " I'm scared. Can we do ture pasifist again after
this? I mean sans will remember, but he'll can forgive me right?" "Of course."
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