The Girl With The Dreams

The Girl With The Dreams

The story is about a girl having weird dreams and somehow they always come true. Her dreams are about her family, well her mom and dad, she is wondering what they mean... find out what happens by reading the story.

published on September 02, 201443 reads 12 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


Once, there was a girl, her name was Alaina. Alaina enjoyed her life, but her parents were divorced and she had a step mom. She loved her step mom but she also thought her step mom was a bad influence. Alaina would always have these weird dreams about her mom and dad. "Alaina!" Her step mom said. "Alaina! It's time for bed!" Alaina got ready for bed. In the middle of the night Alaina kept having dreams, one of them was her mom talking about her past life. The next day, Alaina kept wondering: "What is a past life?"
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