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this is an random short story about a dream i had, yes i have a lot of weird dreams and no I'm not on drugs, i just have weird dreams. this story is weird and messed up and i don't mean to offend anyone. i hope you enjoy.

published on November 27, 20151 read 1 reader 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

dream journal

first it all stated with this chubby fat guy and this old lady handcrafted together. They where in a restaurant sitting at a table for two, there was roses and candles on the table, it was really romantic. there was a huge window behind them, where you could look out of and see the city light up in the dark with it's lights shinning. it just skipped to them both flying in the night sky with no wings they where just floating and holding hands with there hands still handcrafted together. Than it skipped to them in a room it look like my room but it was bigger and the bed was pushed against the wall next to the window.
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