BR: Battle Scars

So, I forgot about Ruby. My bad... She'll come back. I'm not doing any more lemon. It hurt while I was writing it. So no more. Also, someone said they didn't like lemon, so no more. This made me cry as I wrote it. Trigger warning, I guess. Sorry, but this is the story. Thanks, and happy reading!

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Chapter 1.


EJ came up. "Masky and Hoodie are looking for you." She backed up, but recovered. She pulled him toward the room, and she closed the door. She put her head on her chest, tears in her eyes. EJ came up to her. "EJ, I... I was so weak." EJ grabbed her shoulders. "You can't be that weak... Emotionally? Right?" She nodded. "I almost let Offendy have em. I wasn't thinking, and everything hurt. It can't-!" He kissed her. She smiled, and kissed back. "Thank you." He nodded. "You are strong. I know you are, and this isn't you. Don't be like this. Promise me I'd you need me you'll either talk to Splendy. Okay?" She nodded, and kissed him. He grabbed her waist, and he threw her into the air. She laughed.
"EJ!" She giggled, and moved toward the bed. Rose shook her head. EJ nodded. "I know." He pulled her close, and kissed her. She gasped. He sat down, and then he pulled her on her lap. She kissed him, and he put her hand her legs. She blushed, and pushed his mask out of his hands. She pushed her hand through his hair, and he shivered a bit. She pulled away, panting. "That was fun." He kissed her again, and she could stop. Then someone knocked, and EJ choughed. Masky came in, and saw them. He blushed. "Um..." Rose got up, and EJ heard LJ and Jane laugh. He fixed his hoodie.
He smiled, and Rose went with Hoodie. They turned a corner, and Rose slapped Hoodie. "What the hell is wrong with you!?" He took her wrist. "Shut up, and follow me! Got it?" He growled. Then he pulled her along. Slendy stepped in front of them. "Something wrong?" Rose shook her head, nervous. "No, we were just visiting Masky. He wanted us. Masky just..." Slender nodded, and walked away. "Don't want to know." Rose slapped his face. "Don't ever talk to me like that again." He pulled her along, and when they got into his room, Masky let her go, and backed away. Hoodie came up to her, and tried to hug her. She pushed him off. "Don't. Not in the mood." Hoodie backed off.
"You okay?" She nodded, and stood her ground. She just wanted to talk things out, but she wouldn't let herself. Hoodie nodded to Masky, and he grabbed her hands. He pinned the against the wall. At first, Rose thought she was going to get hurt. But Hoodie looked at her sadly. "Rose..." Ruby screeched.
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