Dragon Claw

Dragon Claw

A story of love and hate. This story is about a family that rules the kingdom of camelot, and together find the lost prince of a foreign kingdom.

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Chapter 1.

Together They Walk

“All hail the four princes of Dragonspire and the finest warrior of Camelot!” proclaimed Harold. He announced whenever someone entered the castle.
“Linnet! Wake up! It is today!” shouted Daniee the princess of Camelot.
“Ahh yes, that ‘tis right. Today we find our suitors! Daniee, please be a teency bit less picky with who you choose?! Come on you betrothal is not the end of the world!” said Linnet. “All Right now we must choose out gowns… Let’s see…”
“Oh I know! I should wear that soft blue flowing one that mother got me!” said Daniee.
“Yes, and I should wear that green form-fitting one! It is a bit small after yesterday’s feast.” exclaimed Linnet as they dressed up in their gowns.

They ran down the hall to the throne room to see their father, ignoring the maids calling them to breakfast. They heard the call of trumpets as they walked in. The men inside bowed to them.
The King smiled. He was ready to give his daughters away to the men that they choose.
The two dragon princes take to the skies. They show off their web like scaly wings.
Everyone in the kingdom came to watch the show. As they finished Linnet could not stop admiring the way that the young warrior spread his wings so all could see the bright shimmer of the metallic gold. When he flew down, she could hear the whoosh of his wings against the air.
“Gareth! Gareth! I chose you! I loved your show it was just so… so… so strong!” shouted Linnet as she ran up to hug her new husband.
“Daniee do you choose anyone?” asked the King.
“No. None were adventurous in their action. Nor were they ambitious.” explained Daniee.
“Well dear, you must get married soon or you will follow the same fate as your great great great great great grandmother.” the king warned showing his disapproval. Their great grand mother did not marry at an age that was acceptable so she was dethroned and became a simple lived farm girl.
“I understand father, but I still have two years. I love another. He’s a descendant of royalty yet now he is a quiet town boy. I love him father!” exclaimed Daniee.
“Daniee! You are to be married to royalty. A meer farm boy can not provide for a princess!” shouted the king. “Linnet stop kissing your boyfriend and get to the castle. You must plan your wedding.”
“Yes father.” says Linnet loyalty giving her new fiance a final kiss.
        Yes they were all dragons. Every royal family member was granted the dragon’s claw. When wearing the claw, the person may change into a dragon and change back as they please. Once in a thousand years a new generation of royalty is born with the ability to posses this treasure. That generation will live forever which can be a gift as well as a curse…
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