Geniuses and Criminals

Geniuses and Criminals

A mysterious school for talented high schoolers opens and sends at letters to the teens invited. Then, one day, the school is taken over by a group of criminal. The kids have to use their special skills to help the criminals in their heists! Things are about to get interesting...

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Chapter 1.
The Letters

The Letters

Dear ( Insert student name here),
You have been admitted to the private and exclusive school, Ivine Academy for the Talented. Welcome. You should be very excited. This school is completely free of charge. Everything will be paid for. This is a boarding school so the teens will be staying in dorms. This is a school for children 14-18. However, things will be done a little differently here. Our goal is to encourage these kids to meet their full potential as gifted students. For this reason we have abolished grade levels. It is an elite school, so this won't be a problem. We believe that grade levels are silly. All the students will be mixed in together and simply leave when they are 18. They will be grouped in classes based on skill rather than age. This should be a unique learning experience and will help your children later on. All of our teachers are amazing at what they do.This will be a school never to forget.
Thank you.
Ms. Susanna L'Noire
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